27 thoughts on “Open Letter To My Financial Planner

  1. It would be a real shame if a recession were to mar Trump’s last year in office.

    Boy, it’s a good thing we didn’t cut $1 trillion of revenue and have been raising the Fed Funds rate, so that we have a cushion in case there is a downturn.

  2. The only time I visited an In-and-Out Burger in California, the line of cars waiting to get into the drive-through was a block long. If half of those drivers boycott the restaurant, the others get faster service. Not seeing the downside.

  3. In-n-out is privately held, 1 stock holder… but I’m being pedantic.

    The recession mongers lack for identification of what there is structurally to cause one. Trade wars should be it I suppose. Doesn’t feel right though.

    Not that its good, but this economy has plenty more capacity to absorb fiat money.

  4. Keep in mind that the Fed rate of 2% is still 200 basis points higher than the IQ of the Trump economic team.

    In Trump’s defense, this is explained by the fact that Obama took over when the economy was starting to recover, and Trump took over toward the end of a cycle, when the economy was booming. But Trump can’t use that defense, because that’s inconsistent with the lies he’s told.

  5. ^ bada bing, yowza

    A short Obama-nomics anecdote. I was talking to a guy last weekend at a thing… I noticed his Corolla, which I think you can’t beat for transportation value such that they are cheap and you never have to repair them until you scrap them at 250k miles. And that was his experience too, he’s been driving this one 10 years and he’s never had to fix it. But additionally he says, yeah, in 09 I got $6500 for an 89 Ram Charger under cash for clunkers and bought this…

    Ya know, that Ram Charger at that moment was probably worth $500. A thing I’d say that’s pertinent to whatever recession argument we make today is, there’s no great critique of the Trump tax cuts to be made when you pay Toyota of America $6500 for an 89 Dodge Ram Charger.

  6. I’m not sure we’re in for a recession, but if we are, Trump’s policies will have made it hard to climb out of. The US budget deficit is up 27% from the year- earlier period and nearing $1 trillion. More borrowing to fund government incentive programs or bail out financial institutions as a way to avoid recession is not a good option.

    Interest rates are near zero. How about people pay borrowers to borrow? A nice negative fixed rate would be awesome.

  7. Everyone who thinks Emery has anything about economics worth listening too, raise their hand.

  8. How so, how have “Trumps policies” made a potential recession harder to get out of?

    The $1 trillion deficits are not an impediment to more borrowing. We could run $2 trillion deficits, easily.

    If you want to argue trade war… well it can be ended on a moments notice.

  9. Given that all fast food burger joints pay similar costs, it is hard to see how one could be especially better than another. If McDonalds sells you a Big Mac for $5, how can another burger chain sell you a burger of equal or better value for < $5?

  10. If Trump wants concessions from China, he should threaten to end education visas for the families of Chinese millionaires and Chinese government officials. They all send their kids to college here.

  11. I highly recommend the “Impossible Burger” from BK (see what I did there PoD). In my mind there’s not a lot of taste difference between the “Whopper” and the “Impossible Burger” (vegetable protein). It may change the way you think regarding meatless burgers.

  12. Trump’s Policies.

    Like . . . spending bills, all of which originate in the House of Representatives?

    Like . . . a budget, which Never-Trumpers and Democrats in Congress trashed so they could earmark their goodies?

    Like . . . interest rates which are set by the Federal Reserve, over which the President has absolutely no control whatsoever?

    Like . . . agreeing to raise the debt limit so Congress could spend more money without being accountable for it, instead of shutting down the government?

    Not really clear on which Trump policies are to blame for 50 years of bi-partisan deficit spending. Specificity would be welcome.

  13. And its actually worse for you because of the saturated fat… but its a moot point for me because I think I have eaten at BK 3 times since 2004 and never had a whopper and I never plan on going back. If Im going to have a fast food burger, its going to be McDonalds.



  14. JD: There is always a ‘next crash‘ waiting to happen. The longer the upturn the greater the frequency of calls predicting it and the more likely the calls will be correct.

    The real question is: How many months will it take for the economy to recover and that how long for the market, a leading indicator, to recover its fall?

    For traders it’s always a zero sum game. Some will win, some will lose.

    For investors the questions are different. Do I have enough liquidity to avoid being a forced seller? Do I have enough excess liquidity to take advantage of falling asset prices in the down turn and be a winner in the upturn

    For most people it’s not about a market ‘crash’ it’s about how their employment and income is impacted by real economy events?Let’s see if our central bankers are any good in turbulence.

  15. It may change the way you think regarding meatless burgers.

    I’m told that the leftist elites have been bashing the consumption of juicy, red beef and pushing the consumption of estrogen based soy substitutes to keep the bodies of their witless troops weak and incapable of regenerating the brain cells fried during indoctrination.

    Personally, I did not need more proof that is true, but thanks anyway, D_K.

    ps: Chik-fil-A will soon be selling a soy product they claim tastes “just like chicken”. It will only be available in franchises located in leftist shitholes. You should try some D_K…I bet you’ll really love it.

  16. I like an occasional Whopper, but my go to is Culver’s, followed by Wendy’s. Five Guys is too pricey for me. If I’m really hungry and Mickie Ds is the only fast food in sight, I may go for a quarter pounder with cheese, but more likely, I’d just get a large order of fries to tide me over until I found something else.

  17. bosshoss, if you like hot dogs Five Guys has the best hot dogs Ive ever had from a chain restaurant..

  18. POD, there used to be a place called “Joey D’s” in S. Minneapolis…I forget the street. They had 10/10 hot dogs and Italian beef sammiches. Don’t know if they’re still there or not.

  19. Mitch, whenever you get around to it, I’d *love* to know what it was about my last comment that triggered your mod-bot.

  20. Swiftee,

    So would I. As I noted earlier, I have no control over my spam filter, and no real way of fixing it without spending a bunch of time I don’t have.

  21. Regarding beef, there are simply some prairie ecosystems that are not healthy unless they are grazed. Why not cows? Why does the left hate the environment?

    If we must talk about veggie burgers, I guess they could be “OK” if they match beef, sort of, in taste and texture, but it’s worth noting that part of the appeal of beef (vs. pork or poultry) is that it gets better to a degree through aging. Not quite sure that you could do that with vegetables–they are perhaps better to deal with these products in the way great chefs always have, through spices, fermentation, and the like.

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