Who knew – Berg’s Seventh Law covers intra-left squabbles as well.

Cultural appropriation is bad – unless, apparently, you’re appropriating it from other junctions in the intersectional map.

And Kira Davis has having nothing to do wtih it:

Since the “Broad Squad” came on the scene we have been incessantly barraged with rage rants about “people of color” and “women of color” and “brown people.” I myself have come to use these terms more than I care to, only because they are now a part of the vernacular.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t resent it.
Being a “woman of color” is not the same thing as being a Black woman, and yet the progressive Left has decided it is. A woman of Indian or Mexican heritage may possibly find herself coming up against some kind of discrimination here and there but it is not, nor will it ever be the same thing as what Black women have faced in this nation historically and to this day.
Not even close.

The likes of Tide Pod Evita and Ilhan Omar – people whose communities came here of their own free will – are trying to appropriate the unique (in this country, anyway) experience of black America for its own cheap gain.

The whole thing is worth a read.

9 thoughts on “Virtue-Hitchiking

  1. Just wait until the next reprobate President takes office, and starts appropriating all the gibs for the resugent army of border jumpers that will appear with their hands out.

    American Negroes done had their chance. The left has heaped much treasure upon them over the past 50 years to buy their votes.

    And they delivered the goods. Problem is, they haven’t been reproducing fast enough, not even taking into account the huge numbers of their kids that end up in Dr. Mengele’s floor drain.

    Reprobates are getting antsy; they can see the end game, the destruction of the US as we know it, just over the horizon and they’re preparing a forced march to get there.

    I predict much nastiness headed down the pike.

  2. Mitch, if you are going to delete my comments, does that mean you’ve, once again, banned me from commenting? If so, I’d appreciate an explanation. My e-mail address is I will comment, though, that if you are frustrated that I comment and do not read/respond to your counter-point, please bear in mind that I am not looking to 1. Wait around days for you to reply – when you very frequently do not reply or 2. Respond to the screed/hate speech that comes from your frequent commenters. Last, I FREELY have admitted and acknowledged that I am not always correct in my comments, nor are you. Yet, your commenters (and you) subject me to ridicule for the most minor of mistakes – I do not hold you to that standard (except as satire) – so if it is because I make a mistake from time to time, again, that seems like a rather inexact and inconsistently applied standard. Your commenters (right-wing) often make mistakes or make claims that are bogus and/or factually entirely incorrect. So, I would be grateful to hear from you about just WTH is going on. 1. Why are you screening my comments given the sewer-level comments of folks like Swiftee aren’t and 2. Have you decided you simply don’t want to publish what I’m saying?

  3. A lot of truth in what you say Swiftee, I just tend to try to hope for the best.

  4. This story has a happy ending (though you can mess up the end of your personal story, if you try hard enough and ignore the warning signs).

  5. Pen,

    No, I have not banned you. My automated moderator is catching your posts; it was set to screen the word “Penigma” because of some shenanigans your former blogging partner pulled.

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    Sorry and I’ll see what I can do, but the easiest response *might* be to make a new account without “Penigma” in it.

    I apologize.

  6. No need to apologize Mitch. I’ll create a new identity, that should piss off Swiftee so it’s a Win-Win :). Best – Pen

  7. Peevee, you pathetic POS.

    You and your fellow anthropods deleted every single comment ever made over at your pathetic penisblog.

    So you got lonely and burped your insane spew over here because you know conservatives don’t block.

    We mock, though. So suck it up, cupcake. And remember…

    You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need!

  8. I’ll be damned if I know what upset the moderator again, but there it is.

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