Shocking Nobody

Over ninety pecent of barristas predict coffee will be brewed at Metro coffee shops tomorrow.

Ninety percent of city government employees predict that some of their co-workers will take more coffee breaks than work time.

And in related news, a Pew poll says 90+% of Democrats predict violence erupting from tour current political situation:

Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.

Ever notice how when you show a “progressive” a picture of a gun, they think “someone going crazy with a gun out of the clear blue sky”? When you show them a picture of a wealthy person they think of someone who predates on their fellow human? When you show them a gun owner, their thoughts turn immediately to genitals?

Likewise, when you mention political violence to the party of Kathleen Soliah, of “Anti”-Fa, of the Weather Underground and the Unibomber, you get…

…well, we know where this is headed, right?

4 thoughts on “Shocking Nobody

  1. So once Trump is re-elected, with great ease, and violent protests erupt nationwide of leftsists, how will they still claim to have the moral high ground?

  2. with great ease

    I don’t think a win will come with great ease. There will be so much vote/voter fraud, that Bush v. Gore will look like going to court for a speeding ticket.

    But the GOP won’t push it as far as the Dems did 20 years ago.

  3. Bill, Ive been reading and studying the situation and this is looking exactly like the 1972 and 1984 elections, it wont be that dramatic but if Trump doesnt get around 375-400 electoral votes I will be shocked.

  4. POD,

    I’ve been talking to a lot of coworkers, friends and in just general conversations with people that don’t really like Trump, but admit that they have had the best two years. financially than they have in the previous 10. Most of them say that they will vote for him in 2020. Further, some of these people are gay or lesbian. They freely admit and a couple of them, God love ‘me, have defended Trump’s stance toward them, which has been pretty much live and let live. I suspect that there are at least one million more people that feel the same way.

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