President Trump’s “go back where you came from” Twitter jape against The Four Horsewomen of the Derpocalypse (hat tip to Sean Sorrentino), Reps. Omar, Pressley, Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez may be his dumbest yet.

But let me ask you this:

Let me describe someone who is:’

  • Not really cut out for their office
  • Given to petulant ranting on social media
  • Elected by people whose politics and logic I frequently don’t respect a lot
  • Supported by a lot of people, staff, and a narrative intended to logroll and gaslight skeptics into silence and submission
  • Does, seemingly, little but jab back at their many, many critics, to the point where you wonder if you’re watching someone in junior high

Which of the five am I describing?

By the way – if you’re a Democrat, it is your duty to rally around the Four Horsewomen, to the exclusion of all else (except working toward impeachment). If you do not, the ghost of Wellstone will cry.

63 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. Considering our first black president made his citizenship questionable by his own actions it’s hardly racist to bring it up. I mean considering it is a requirement and all… But tax returns are so much more important…

  2. No one is questioning the citizenship of Kamala Harris or Cory Booker.
    Both of Harris’s parents were immigrants, and she spent a good deal of her adolescence in Canada. Get on the ball, racist Republicans!

  3. So, the Clinton campaign came up with that angle.

    So, okay, ket’s say one is not a pro-life nut, Obama voted 4 times against the Illinois BAIPA, born alive infant protection act, some say that means infanicide. Thx for telling us about moral xompasses.

    On topic, I heard NBC has just gotten some video… I’ll wait to watch it, that littke bit is so I know.

  4. Emery, since citizenship is a requirement for the office, exactly how is it “racist” to ask questions, especially since Obama’s own author’s bio once said he was born in Kenya? As I seem to remember, the first people to question his citizenship, moreover, were part of the Hilliary Clinton campaign, and Democrats were also quick to question the citizenship of Ted Cruz. Does that make them racists, too?

  5. Basically, today’s left has redefined “racist” as “does not fall in line with the leftist progressive agenda 100%”

    Refuse to 100% acquiesce to our demands/way of thinking/lifestyle/control?


  6. How many whites has Trump told to “go back where they came from”?

    Do I really need to spell it out? But nice try trying to blame the victims for the racism. 


  7. Did he call them the “N” word , it needs to be something like that to convince me, otherwise, no harm, no foul.

  8. You need to start using logic. Criticism of political positions does not amount to racism, moron, and it’s entirely appropriate to tell AOC (who is mostly caucasian), Tlaib (Arabs are caucasian, closely related to Jews), Omar, and Pressley that if their politics are so smart, why aren’t things better in Puerto Rico, Palestine, Somalia, and the inner city?

    We went through this with Comrade Obama for a number of years. You can criticize someone without hating their whole group.

  9. Does this mean Trump can be sued for harassment by any of the roughly 3 million federal US workers who happen to be immigrants

    Anyone can peel off a filing fee and write a petition and sue anyone for anything.

    The question is, will a court find a matter of law on which “three million immigrant employees” (I’d check that math, Pen) have standing to sue?

    I wouldn’t bet too hard on it.

  10. The wonderful part of calling someone “racist” is it doesn’t have a fixed definition so evidence is never required to prove it and never enough to disprove it.

    Emery, you racist.

  11. I have many, many criticisms of #nevertrumper conservatives.
    One of the biggest is that they are out of ideas.
    Listen to them. They are terrific critics of the current state of the parts of America controlled by unpopular liberal elites — the arts, academia, the federal bureaucracies, the corporate boardroom — but when it comes to challenging the rule of ordinary Americans by those institutions? “We need to change the culture.”
    Yeah, good luck with that. I bet the libs chortle with glee when they hear that, especially the ol’ “well, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are private companies. They can ban whomever they want to ban!”
    To paraphrase Jonah Goldberg: “Bullshit, you gormless dweebs.”
    You do it by appointing federal judges who are originalists or textualists. You stop the Left from imposing its unpopular and sometimes insane ideas (no borders, race and sex discrimination are mandatory, speech must be regulated, women can have penises and can impregnate men) through bureaucratic fiat or controlling 50%+1 of congress and the prez.

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