Anti-Woke Marketing

The PO police are setting their crosshairs on Home Depot:

Shoppers have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to call for a boycott of Home Depot following news that one of its founders will back Donald Trump’s bid for a second term in the White House. 
In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bernie Marcus said that he intends to support Trump’s re-election campaign, saying that while the president “sucks” at communication, his impact on employment and aggressive stances toward China and Iran have been positive.
Many on Twitter appeared to disagree.

Side note: Any “news” story that uses “…many people” as the source for a PC assertion should be required to name them all.

But I digress. This being modern Snowflake America, there are no doubt “many” people like this:

And being modern America, some execudrones are being pusillanimous.

Some executives just haven’t learned the lesson of this past decade .

To wit: Real Americans respect companies that stick to principle. They desert companies that don’t.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Woke Marketing

  1. I think you’re being a bit unfair to Home Depot, Mitch. The man cut his ties with them 17 years ago; I don’t know if he was on the board, but he’s not on it now (perhaps this explains the arithmetic problem in the article: 2019 – 15 is not 2002). Seems to me that the company is reacting with a totally expected, “Wut?” to a subtly nasty little hit piece you quoted.

    That said, I would also prefer the company pushed back against yellow journalism – and perhaps even the weirdos who can even turn buying lumber into a political decision.

  2. These SJWs are ultimately going to have to harvest and mill their own “Woke” lumber.
    The small, green, progressive lumber co-op buys their stock a unit or 3 at a time from Home Depot and Menards.
    The big box stores all buy from the same few mills.
    The mills and logging companies are all going to prefer a Republican administration when compared to a Democrat administration that will attempt to shutdown the logging through regulation and outright permit denial.

  3. LMAO.

    Now here’s a boycott doomed to fail. Home Depot sells tools and building materials. Most leftist reprobates wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with either if they were giving them away.

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