Perhaps Avocado Toast And Video Games?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrat candidates for President are in a bidding war for votes. Free college, home ownership for blacks, Medicare for everybody, the new green deal, universal basic income, slavery reparations… trillions of dollars and they haven’t even got to the good stuff yet.
Not one candidate has offered me bread and circuses, the traditional bribe for ignorant voters. To hell with them, I’m sticking with Republicans.
Joe Doakes.

Democrats gonna democrat.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Avocado Toast And Video Games?

  1. Not one candidate has offered me bread and circuses

    Good grief, Joe. What do you think “the squad” is, if not a circus? But you have a point, we need free bagels.

  2. Greg – don’t bring up bagels, as they are frequently associated with Semmitism. If they tried doing bagels, the Squad would have a meltdown, and see an Israeli connection. Trump would be quizzed on his favorite NYC bagel, and then condemned that it was the wrong choice. Plus, all those Glutens! And, finally, bagels are oppressive to women.

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