5 thoughts on “When You Could Swear It’s Gotta Be The Babylon Bee

  1. SmithStCrx – I had the same thought. Then again, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be 16 again, and I really have no desire to live in NYC.

  2. One of these days, somebody who ought to be on Megan’s List is going to use a policy like this to commit sexual assault. It’s bad enough for locker rooms to be implicitly gender integrated, but in Virginia and Maryland, it actually turned out that they were allowing mixed-sex arrangements in hotel rooms when bands/teams go on the road. STDs, pregnancy, sexual assault, what could possibly go wrong?

    It seems the left is, ironically, ignoring the fact that those who should be (or are) on Megan’s List can pose as “trans” to gain access.

  3. Um, Ms. McCray/Mrs. de Blasio, we just have one question. What happened to the money?

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