MyLyssa Has Questions. Mitch Has Answers.

SCENE: Mitch BERG is walking down Grand Avenue, looking for Grand Avenue Distillery Supplies. As he looks in the storefront, MyLyssa SILBERMAN, Reporter for National Public Radio’s Saint Paul bureau, covering the “Fake News” and “Diversity” beats, gets out of a cab.


BERG: (Nonplussed) Er, hi, MyLyssa. What’s up?

SILBERMAN: I’m curious. You continuously say, on your blog and show, that the media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the progressive movement.

BERG: I do. And it’s true.

SILBERMAN: How can you say that? We have layers and layers and..

BERG: …and layers of gatekeepers. Right. Got that. I base my assertion on, well, reading and listening to the media, and taking what they say seriously.

SILBERMAN: Meaning…?

BERG: Well, for example, listen to this bit by NPR’s “On the Media” – supposedly their media “watchdog” show – and the train of ultra-left dogmatics and magical thinking, and tell me any part of it that wouldn’t fit right in with a Wobbly pamphlet in the 1900s.

SILBERMAN: (Puts on earphones. Listens to segment. Removes headphones). I don’t hear anything.

BERG: This is my shocked face

SILBERMAN: It might be the global warming.

BERG: Might be


7 thoughts on “MyLyssa Has Questions. Mitch Has Answers.

  1. Happened to come across an article in the Strib over the weekend, bemoaning all the rich conservatives buying up thousands of acres of public land and then not letting the public use it. They mentioned the “offenders” by name and linked their “right-wing” activities. They also mentioned that a couple of other billionaires, Ted Turner and Jeff Bezos, also own hundreds of thousands of acres, but didn’t describe their “left-wing” activities. The article also didn’t mention that the federal government owns 640 million acres across the country, and is also a bit capricious in allowing access and usage, even to long-time neighbors.

  2. Mitch listens to [MN]PR, NW reads the Strib. You guys are givers, offering yourselves so the rest of us don’t have to.

  3. I didn’t listen to MPR, but you can infer a pretty strong progressive bias simply from the fact that they make such a big deal out of the fact that some landlords make a profit, as if that’s a bad thing, and as if you can get housing for the poor if their landlords aren’t making a profit on the deal.

    Probably explains the decrepit state of a lot of progressive-owned businesses, but it’s pretty sad to think that the mental state of progressives is such that they think you can go on with a business that doesn’t earn money.

  4. Maybe it’s nothing to anyone else, but it has been a bit of a eureka moment for me to realize that leftists don’t accept reality. I mean, like I’ve said before, they think of reality as a choice among other options. Mr Doake’s description of a coworker in another thread is related. The Law of Unintended Consequences almost always comes into to play with leftist policies.

    The Western capitalistic, Christian societies are so well functioning that even the suicidal idiots of the left have to work hard to ruin them. And work they do…

  5. Man, I can’t understand why anyone would cater to the low end rental market. I mean, sure, they’re making money, they *must* be making money, but I cannot imagine the hell they deal with.

    Our properties are priced high enough to keep the riff-raff out, (for the most part, but we have had a couple slip through). But my wife and I bust our asses to make the apartments worth the price we charge, and we’ve got a ton of bucks sunk into renovating them. We earn every buck we make.

    Never, ever would I rent to Section 8 moochers, or *shudder* Social Workers. The legal costs in dealing with them alone would suck up any profit.

    That being said, I might go into the low, low income rental bizniz in a leftist 3rd world sh*thole. Tent rental: $5 per night.

  6. We have a handful of rental properties, most are mid-market. We have a duplex that rents for a bit less, though it is probably the best-built unit we have. We just put one side of it up for rent this month – no Section 8 – and it is amazing the stories you get. We have a pretty useful pre-screen that knocks a lot out. Then we charge serious applicants for the background check, after an interview. Several have looked and sounded really good, and then you do the BC and – whoa. Seriously – you want me to give you a chance and the first thing you do is lie to me. Yeah, that’s going to get us off on the right foot.

    Thing is, we understand life at the scratch and hustle level, and we WILL overlook some things and take a chance if someone is straight with us.

  7. A buddy owns several houses near a private college in St. Paul. In 1995, he could rent a four-bedroom for $1,600 per month and college kids were glad to get off-campus housing. Nowadays, he gets $2,000 per month and kids are turning up their noses – countertops aren’t granite, appliances aren’t stainless steel, and where’s the dishwasher? You can’t possibly expect us to wash dishes by HAND? Plus, we need a separate space for our emotional support orangutan.

    And those are the good ones, the people who have money and will pay.

    The City of St. Paul regulators are killing off private landlords in favor of public housing, and colleges are building apartments as a cash-cow supplement to dorms. I keep telling him that he’s in the buggy-whip business. Time to sell to A Greater Fool.

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