The New Racket

A refugee who wants to come to the United States can apply and wait for approval.  May take years.  Meanwhile, you sit in the refugee camp overseas.
A person who sneaks into the United States can apply for asylum.  Your approval also may take years.  But meanwhile, you’re released into the United States and given a work permit and relocation benefits. 
A person who sneaks into the United States and claims to be an unaccompanied minor seeking asylum, gets all of that plus extra cash and benefits. 
A person who sneaks into the United States and claims to be an unaccompanied minor trans-gender seeking asylum, gets all of that plus extra cash and benefits and now might receive even better preferential treatment.
No documentation is required for any of this stuff.  In fact, if you have it, it can be used against you.  So nobody has any papers when they arrive, the entire system is based on verbal claims.
Now I ax ya . . . if you wanted to get into the United States plus maximize your benefits, what story would you tell?   

The story that was given to you by those who want your vote in exchange, that’s who.

5 thoughts on “The New Racket

  1. those who want your vote in exchange, that’s who

    Votes? Maybe, but we have a census coming up, so it is congressional reapportionment time. Since residents, not citizens, determine congressional seating and migrants tend to cluster in heavily Democratic districts.

    Well, it is not really that hard to figure out.

  2. I’ll add one more thought. It is probably better for democrats if illegal aliens do not vote, at least not in California or Illinois. Sure, it helps them in places like Minnesota, but it confounds the interests of the elites in blue states. In one party states, like California, only democrats win, so the question is which democrats? Illegal voting would probably favor the AOC wing of the party, not oligarch wing and who wants that?

    The best outcome for the democratic elites would be a half million illegals or so in a district where Mark Zukerberg is the only legal voter.

    So Nancy Pelosi wants to fill the country with illegals to stuff congress and amp up the federal funds flowing to democratic districts….but once they are counted, they will shown the door.

    In other words….”send us money for the millions of needy immigrants” (but once we have the money in hand, let’s dump the immigrants and pocket the difference).

  3. It’s fascinating to watch middle-class Liberals working toward their own extinction.

    My colleague (50’s white male) is married and has two kids in STEM school, so they get a good education to get good careers. He believes implicit bias and subconscious racism such as White Privilege explain the wealth gap. He favors open borders. He reflexively votes DFL.

    I think to myself: “But dude, if the DFL gets its way, your kids won’t have careers, they’ll be passed over so that other, less academically qualified but more morally deserving people, can have their spots in college, in the workforce. Blacks, Gays, Trans, Muslims, Illegal Aliens, they all deserve a seat at the table much more than some boring White kid from Richfield. You’re condemning your own family to second-class status. Why?”

    I’m not enough of a historical scholar to know, so I appeal to the rest of you: what other society intentionally adopted suicidal policies out of misguided virtue?

  4. I heard last week from a reliable source that about 30% of the children detained by ICE are not related to the asylum seekers who claim to be the mother and or father. They are doing a rent-a-kid thing, human trafficking.
    In Elizabethan thieves’ cant, a woman who rented children to use when begging was called an “autem mortem.”

  5. Joe Doakes, I’ve known several people that fit your description of the 50-something white liberal family man.
    In all casesthere was more than a hint of snobbishness about them. They do not believe that they, or their children, or anyone like them, will pay any price when the social justice bill comes due. They are absolved of any guilt they have about possessing “white privilege” by their belief that other white people must give up their “white privilege.” They believe the oddest things about minorities. They also “otherize” the white people they feel have benefited unfairly from “white privilege.”
    They believe that white conservatives are just bad people, not just that they are mistaken. Everything about them is bad; they speak poorly, they raise their children poorly, they hide knowledge of their own inadequacy behind bigotry and racism, they are uneducated, they believe and repeat lies out of malice, they are greedy cheaters, they abuse drugs and alcohol, they eat the wrong food, shop at the wrong stores, and watch the wrong television shows. If they are religious they are hypocrites.
    If asked they will cite the example of a relative or in-law who has most or all of these characteristics. Never a friend — and the difference between a friend and a relative is important. You choose your friends, you don’t choose your relatives.

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