Not all government safety regulations are an idiotic waste of time. A window washer just fell off our building.

The platform is attached by ropes to a metal contraption on the roof, but the metal contraption didn’t have enough weight so when the worker went over the edge, the contraption did too. The harness caught, swung the worker into the window, then dangled upside down until a ladder could be brought to lower her to safety. Yes, the window washer is a woman. Banged up her leg but the EMTs who took her away said she seemed okay. I guess my job doesn’t suck so badly after all.
I…Woman is damn lucky to be alive, that safety harness saved her life.
Joe doakes

Laws that directly affect public safety? Good.

Laws that direct affect who you can have haul your trash away? Not so good.

I don’t think it’s all that complicated. Which is why I”ll never be an elected official in Saint Paul.

2 thoughts on “Safety

  1. Speaking of safety, notice that (a) the window midway up is broken and (b) it’s not shattered like tempered glass would be. So apparently the government is putting floor to ceiling panels of standard glass which, when broken, will behave as lethal weapons. And then apparently they saved money on their window washing contractor.

    By the way, the broken panes are, judging by the picture, at “person level” and would be illegal to install in a home without tempering. Just sayin’. I am also all for safety regulations that work, but there is a case of “sauce for the goose” here.

  2. I am willing to bet that something on the apparatus was not properly set. Probably a latch that hooks around the rail that those wheels are to roll on. Or a very heavy counterweight that is supposed to be attached to what is now the high end of the apparatus as we see it in the picture.

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