Take Away The Guns…

…and those who are for whatever prone to kill others for what passes for “jollies” for them will switch to other weapons.

Mass knife attacks are pretty common – in the parts of the world where guns are tightly controlled.

“But they’re less deadly!”


3 thoughts on “Take Away The Guns…

  1. And they know that. It’s not the guns it’s the control. They could care less about life and it’s demonstrable.

  2. It might be commented that knife attacks can be even more deadly in crowded areas because the prospective victims don’t have the report of a gun to tell them where the stabber is, and you can’t grab a knife like you can a gun to disarm the stabber. I also like how they’re trying to do “common sense knife control”, as if you can’t find thousands of videos on YouTube about how to forge your own knife or sword.

    NW: Correct.

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