March Of The Strawmen

Over the weekened, I listened to “It’s Been a Minute” with Sam Sanders – one of NPR’s many mad grabs for virtue-seeking relevance – and I heard a bit that simultaneously nauseated and thrilled me.

It’s at about 17:00 into this week’s broadcast.

But don’t worry – I listened to it, so you don’t have to.

Big Left is finding it necessary to rescue, reclaim and rehabilitate the word “Intersectionality”.

I thought about transcribing some quotes – but I’ll just leave it to y’all.

Because this is the sound of Big Left launching a counter-counter-attack in the culture war and the Battle for the Language.

10 thoughts on “March Of The Strawmen

  1. Well, that is a bunch of Malrkey (the transcript is here:
    In the context of discrimination law, which the Lefty uses to define “intersectionality,” there are protected classes of human beings. These are the people that are more equal than others. Thye more protected classes you beling to, the more rights you have.
    Let me give you an example of just how stupid this interview is:

    COASTON: Right. Exactly. And again, I think the right is responding to how activists or how they perceive activists to be using the term intersectional or intersectionality on college campuses. You know, when I sent a number of conservative writers Kimberle Crenshaw’s original paper, you know, they – no one had a problem with it. People were like, oh, yeah. You know, that…
    SANDERS: Well, you mean, like, Ben Shapiro and David…
    COASTON: Yes.
    SANDERS: …French, like, leading…
    COASTON: Yup.
    SANDERS: …Conservative voices said, oh, this theory, on its own…
    COASTON: Yup.
    SANDERS: …Is rock solid.
    COASTON: Yup. They were like, well, that makes sense.

    Shapiro and French have Harvard degrees in law. Coaston graduated from U Michigan with a bachelor’s in poli-sci. She says that she pointed out to Shapiro & French that they didn’t understand the origination of “intersectionality” in legal theory.
    I’ve heard something similar before from conservative legal profs — that poli-sci profs teach undergrads bad civil rights law, and that their students have to “unlearn” what they were taught in poli-sci when they go to law school.

  2. Got to “Critical Race Theory”; that’s as far as I dare go.

    I’m travelling today, and if I listened to any more of that crap, I’d be eyeballing everyone, well, critically. I don’t want to do that; I want to believe, at least when I’m out among the multitudes, that most people are not batshit crazy, they are not out to destroy my country, my culture, my history. They’re all going to that yearly family gathering at the beach house, where an American flag is always waving in the breeze, there’s always burgers on the grill and the cooler is always full of ice cold beer…they don’t know intersectionality from shineola.

    Even if everything my eyes tell me contradicts that fairy tale, it’s my happy travel tradition.

  3. You know who is at the bottom of the oppression pile?
    Not Blacks.
    Not Jews.
    Not Mexicans.
    Not gays.
    Not trans.
    It’s nerds.
    The very definition of nerd is “You don’t want to be like this person, you don’t even want to be this person’s friend or lover because their nerdiness will rub off on you.”
    Can you do the Spock “live long and prosper” thing with your fingers? Then you are a nerd.

  4. MP, you have been at the mountain top too long. Poindexter plays a genuine Stradivarius these days, and Tri Lam is housed at a 3 billion dollar campus in Silicon Valley.

    The new nerds are Asian Indians, Chinese and Koreans. They were raised in their countries like elite athletes. They are using their wealth to reconfigure our world, and yes, they are banging all the hot girls.

  5. The essence of nerdity is not fitting in and being unpopular.
    Bill Gates, a nerd? His father was a wealthy physician, his familysent him to Harvard.
    People who are on a path to success in life aren’t nerds.
    If you accept society’s rejects, they aren’t society’s rejects anymore, they are just like anyone else.

  6. MP
    re: bill gates
    from wikipedia:
    “His father was a prominent lawyer, and his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way. Gates’ maternal grandfather was J. W. Maxwell, a national bank president…In 1972, Bill Gates served as a congressional page in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

    the kid certainly was privileged.

  7. You know who is at the bottom of the oppression pile?
    Not Blacks.
    Not Jews…..Mammuthus Primigenius

    Sorry, MP, but you are not constructing the pyramid of oppression correctly. The bottom of the pile is a black Hispanic, Jewish, trans-lesbian…..who is also a nerd.

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