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  1. But that’s OK, he’s a Dem, and he’s out to get Trump.

    Move along.

  2. Biden is an awful candidate. It is difficult to run against “Trump the liar” with “Biden the liar.” Also, Biden — and the media — have built up the idea of “Biden the foreign policy wonk.” Biden talks a lot about foreign policy, but he’s been wrong on virtually foreign policy issue for the last 40 years. He has been wrong on the USSR, wrong on the Gulf War of ’91 (he voted against it), wrong on the Iraq War of 2003 (he was for it), and then wrong on the surge that turned the Iraq War around.

  3. For decades Biden was one of two US Senators representing Delaware.
    Delaware is about the size and population of the Twin Cities metro area.
    As Senator from Delaware, Biden represented finance companies and trial lawyers, which doesn’t exactly fit the “blue collar Joe” image that (only) people in the media seem to buy.
    For the last decade, at least, Biden has been sucking up to the “we hate the white man” wing of the dem party, because that is its center of gravity.
    If you are a conservative, pick any issue, from taxes to abortion, Biden will be on the other side of it.We are only getting this “Biden the moderate” crap because the journalists that cover politics in the MSM are even more radical.

  4. MP, Biden IS a moderate when compared to the rest of the field. When your #1 competitor for the nomination is a self-described “Democratic Socialist” its not hard to come across as a ‘moderate’

  5. apparently the S o c i a l i s m word gets you thrown into moderation.

  6. I’ve long thought that a president who wishes to be successful at foreign policy should appoint Biden as foreign policy advisor: Whatever Biden advises the president to do, the president should do the exact opposite!

  7. I personally like how it’s coming out that Biden’s team plagiarized AOC’s plan for the Green Nude Eel. He might get away with that in the primaries, but that will leave a big mark in the general. I also like how he’s getting in serious trouble for voicing, at least at one point, for the Hyde Amendment–apparently the left thinks nobody will notice they want pro-life people to pay for abortions. Quite frankly, I think even most pro-choice people are going to “gulp” at that one.

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