Orgy Of Penitence

It seems to have become a bit of a ritual on the left to proclaim one’s guilt for…well, all the sins the Church of Intersectionalism recognizes. The louder the better. It’s a tradition that dates back to the Cultural Revolution; to denounce oneself before being denounced (not that that was necessarily protection).

Indeed, it seems to have become literally a religious observance.

Or, alternately, a form of mental illness.

9 thoughts on “Orgy Of Penitence

  1. Meanwhile Ill just be on the side eating popcorn watching the burning. And maybe starting a few (metaphorical) fires for fun.

  2. In the early 70’s, radical leftists realized the MLK and the civil rights movement were not going to help their cause.
    They wanted to tear America apart so they could build a leftist Oligarchy (still do).

    All this judging people on character, ignoring skin color stuff was no bueno; “we’re all Americans” crap had to get squashed like a bug.

    They had to maintain the racial divide, so the dug into the handbook and started telling minorities that their skin color is what makes them special. And no place in the country should be held back from their added wonderfulness.

    Thus, DIVERSITY was born in the 90’s.

    Divisions back in place, it was time to get the grouos to work together again, but in a way that helped destroy American culture, traditions and history. Boom; INTERSECTIONALITY!

    Intersectionality keeps all the special people feeling special, but it gives them the issues they need to crush those whypipul that were keeping things together.

    In the current year, it’s probably too late to fight back against the poz; we’re just gonna have to fight.

  3. Noonan wonders where this intolerance for free exchange of ideas is coming from.
    It is coming from the universities.

  4. two words MP, hate speech. Once that became a popular term on the left they abandoned their early view that all speech is okay, some of us still believe that. The person who came up with the notion that “speech is violence” Id really like to punch in the face though. That idea is beyond retarded.

  5. In the long history of the United States (the oldest existing democracy), two types of speech are not protected by the first amendment: libel, and words intended to incite violence or other lawless action in the immediate context.
    There is no such thing as a “hate speech” exception to the first amendment. If you believe that the constitution does not protect “hate speech,” you are an ignoramus.
    I like to put quotes around the term “hate speech” because it is, essentially, undefined. The definition of the term is a measure of who has the power to define it.

  6. Mac, while checking your MPR link I noticed that today is the end for Bob Collins personal, publicly subsidized safe space.

    I know they’ll just find somewhere else to spend the tax dollars they get, but at least it won’t be padding that mealy mouthed twaats wallet any longer.

  7. Mac, that’s awesome news. I can’t prove anything, but something in me smiles and wonders if notes to my representative, senator, and the state arts board had a tiny wee little bit to do with it. As Walter Williams notes, nothing gets nonprofits’ attention like the sound of donors’ wallets snapping shut.

  8. BB
    it made a difference!, What I did was write emails to the EVP of marketing for each of the corporations listed on the board of directors, very politely asking them blunt questions about their support for CTC and specifically how they thought CTC’s behavior reflected on them and also if their representative on the board was doing a good job of protecting the corporation’s image. I also asked for a reply insisting that my questions were not rhetorical. In a couple cases I was able to find email ids for the CEOs. Most of the corporate folks on the CTC Board of Directors are using the position for networking and resume building so nothing ruins their day like getting pissed on from a great height.

    retirement couldn’t have happened to a more long overdue recipient.

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