Touched By The Concern

Big Leftymedia is concerned that former ISIS fighters who defected from France to the Caliphate aren’t getting due process:

[Human Rights Watch spokesman Belkis] WILLE:  The trials of ISIS suspects in Iraq are fundamentally unfair. We say this based on sitting through many of these trials over the last two years. And what we see is that defendants do not get any of their basic due process rights granted to them under international law, as well as under Iraqi law. There is absolutely no presumption of innocence when they walk into the courtroom. And many times, defendants are alleging that they have been tortured.

[NPR Middle East correspondent Jane] ARRAF: France doesn’t have a death penalty. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said it would relay its opposition to sentencing the men to death. But it also said it respected Iraqi jurisdiction. The men were handed over by Kurdish Syrian forces to Iraq because the alleged crimes were committed in Iraq and Syria.

Due process is a human right, and it’s be disingenuous of someone who supports Western Civilization to say otherwise.

I’m just wondering where the concern was when ISIS was on the ascendant?

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  1. I sometimes explain procedural due process using a historical example.

    A troublemaker was arrested Thursday night after dinner, spent the night in jail, was brought before the judge for arraignment on Friday morning and granted a change of venue. The second judge convicted him but stayed sentence pending an appeal. The criminal’s appeal was heard by the highest judge in the land who sentenced him to a term of corporal punishment, then upped the penalty to death after public outcry against his leniency.

    Everything was done in perfect accord with the law in effect at the time and meticulously recorded by eyewitnesses. It all happened before noon on Friday. The criminal died Friday afternoon and his body was removed before nightfall, to avoid giving offense to a vocal religious group.

    Speedy trial, due process, all the modern conveniences. Happy now?

    Oh, yeah. The criminal? His name was Jesus.

  2. Now, the news is coming out that Maduro may well be calling for new elections in Venezuela.

    So, despite what a lot of leftists say, you’ve got NK at least, not firing off missiles willy-nilly and at the negotiation table, you have ISIS beaten back. We have some real accomplishments, what look like respectable feats in foreign policy.

    While under Obama, rise of ISSI, decimation of Christianity in Syria/Iraq and Egypt was another big fiasco, Libya speaks for itself and the Iran nuke deal. Etc.

    It’s pretty scary that so much of a mess could have happened under the Dems, 2009-17 (and not as if Dubya was much better if at all).

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