Just Another Evening On The Vomit Comet

According to police dispatch, a “crowd of 8-10 men with hammers and iron bars” attacked people on the Green Line (aka “Vomit Comet”) platform on the East Bank, at the U of M.

According to Alpha News:

A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had “hammers and bars,” and that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The witness, who said he isn’t white, said he didn’t want to “[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects,” and that he “hurried an older white lady away” and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.

There is considerable effort on the part of local progressives to discredit the story – as it comes from conservative Alpha News via those neocon tools, the Minneapolis Police Scanner and U of M Pollice Departments.

According to the Pioneer Press:

Police responding to a report of a group threatening people at a light-rail station at the University of Minnesota stopped seven juvenile males who fled from the Minneapolis platform, a university representative said Monday.
Two males who were carrying metal pipes were identified through video surveillance and witness descriptions, said Lacey Nygard, a University of Minnesota spokeswoman. Police issued them citations.

That first paragraph has had the local PC police all a-twitter: “Only two had pipes, not ten hammers”, because thugs never throw away pipes and crowbars when the police are chasing them, naturally.

32 thoughts on “Just Another Evening On The Vomit Comet

  1. We need hammer control and it must start in the suburbs and Greater Minnesota first, so as not to appear racist.

  2. At the very least we should have a law requiring Hammer Permits™ and maybe another law specifying Hammer Free Zones™. That should pretty much fix everything.

  3. That took place in CD5 right? Don’t expect much if any follow up. Omar’s got their back so look for the charges/citations to be dropped because the CD5 DFL doesn’t want to be identified as racists by a much favored (see Pelosi) member of Congress.

  4. The Greenline stop where the incident took place is on the UoM Campus which has the following policy: “No person is permitted to carry or possess a firearm on system property except as provided in this policy.”.

    Clearly the young malefactors knew that they were in a “safe” gun free zone otherwise the cowardly miscreants would not have launched an attack. If the trial of Mr Noor has illustrated anything it is that immigrants from a country with an average IQ of 68 shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons of any kind.

  5. I thought you guys had concealed carry?

    We do. But the percentage of people with permits to carry in Minneapolis and the U of M Campus is the lowest in the state. While there are nearly 300,000 permits in the state among the roughly 3 million eligible adults ,the absence of permits is very heavily concentrated in the cities.

    And as Mac notes above, the U of M is intensely gun-hostile.

  6. Looking forward to getting our very own “No go zone.” Won’t be long now.

  7. TKS
    The city(taxpayers) are already springing ($800k+) for a fence with security cameras and guard post around Cedar Riverside Plaza, so don’t worry, your no-go zone is in the works.

  8. MP, if Mitch wasn’t so intimidated by guns, he would’ve told you that in MN we have “carry”, concealed or not. At least that was my understanding.

  9. Bring your Louisville Slugger onto the train. Or better yet, avoid Minneapolis. It’s population is still 75,000 shy of its peak in 1950. With an anti-child policy, it likely will never recover to its 1950 level.
    When I was in MN last year, I went into south Minneapolis to visit my millennial nephew (tattoos, nose jewelry, works as bicycle messenger and at a microbrewery).
    I used to live in that area in the late 70s/early 80s. He could not understand why I moved away, he thinks it is the cat’s pajamas. So I explained that in the early eighties most of those nifty condos were slums, the bike trail used to be the old railroad bed where Billy Blaze murdered a few of his victims, there were drunken aboriginals passed out in the bus shelters. You know the charm of city life.
    They have not improved the parking situation at 28th & Bryant.

  10. I can’t imagine why they were carrying hammers instead of guns. I have it on good authority that it’s easier to buy a gun than a book, in that neighborhood.

    I’ve shot a Glock, they’re stupid simple to operate. You don’t have to be That much smarter than a bag of hammers.

  11. I’d bet my next paycheck that 90% of the people that got the snot beat out of them yesterday love diversity and support Mogadishu Barbie.

    Reap it bitches.

  12. immigrants from a country with an average IQ of 68 shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons of any kind.

    The second they get their papers and little flag, leftist reprobates fit them out with the most dangerous weapon in the country; a vote.

  13. jesus I went by that stop at 930 friday night. Glad I didnt run into that Somali gang. I mean gang of unspecified black kids.

  14. MP – I usually have a leangth of rebar in my bag. Keep meaning to get it to home depot to get more, but I’m the meantime, it’s easier to carry than a bat.

    The population of Minneapolis is going to rise. They’ve been on a building kick in Northeast. I’d estimate over 1,000 new units in the last 18 months. Of course, no added parking or other infrastructure improvements. Pretty soon, it’ll be like Uptown. Of course, that’s my trigger to sell and buy some acreage in South Carolina, where there is no season or tag limit on feral hogs.

  15. It’s worth noting that unless the Vomit Comet is a gun free zone, visitors to U Property are allowed to carry per the MPPA. Read the policy Mac Wheel linked. So what is going on here is that Minneapolitans are not carrying–perhaps because their destination does now allow carry, or perhaps because they are just liberal and don’t like guns.

    That said, one of these days, such a gang is going to run into someone with a gun, and the response is going to be priceless.

    Regarding this particular case, hopefully justice is served, including consideration of the question of whether those here in refugee visas really ought to be staying, given that they seem to have been willing to administer the same kind of cruelty they said they were fleeing in Somalia.

  16. BB, it is, I ride it 3-5 times a week and guns are among the things banned on all metro transit location. To be fair its only the vomit comet around bar close, during the day hours its a decent way to get around downtown, with the occasional sleeping bum, but thats not much different than the buses.

  17. Sounds like a great reason to carry pepper spray. Or not ride the bus or death train.

  18. agreed, and once I have a car again I wont, but until the end of the summmer Im stuck.

  19. Wonders, indeed, never cease. The StarTribune just featured on its front page (online) clear photos of two people setting fire to the Bde Maka Ska Pavilion. (If it were still called the Calhoun Pavilion I wonder if they would have run the photos.)

    Go to the paper’s website, and if the article has been moved, search for “Two people seen on camera before Bde Maka Ska pavilion fire”.

  20. NW
    MPR has the story too although they are saying: ” Investigators were not calling the fire an arson, but said they want to speak to the pair…They were not described as suspects. “ Good old MPR, always soft pedaling the race angle.

  21. MP,

    Yea, the 28th and Bryant area has never had much parking around there. That’s one reason L.H. Sowles moved their operations to Eagan several years ago, cashing in on the sale of the land. My dad worked for them until he died suddenly in 1974 and he used to bitch about that going back to 1968, any time he had to work at the shop. He was normally out on construction sites operating a crane.

  22. I am still amazed on a weekly basis on how you guys listen to Welfare Radio.

  23. POD
    MPR is the enemy, if you don’t study your enemy you will one day be their victim. Besides they’re not as clever as they constantly congratulate themselves for being (looking at you Keri Miller) and that is entertaining. Think of them as Dunning-Kruger Public Radio.

  24. NW, they disrespected Greedy Monkey’s Paw, which is sacred to the dirt worshipping heathens.

    Heads had to roll.

  25. MacW, funny about Keri Miller… I don’t think she realizes that that serious, deep voice shtick she does is a D-K tell.

  26. Mac I read enough of them on RCP. Its not like I dont study the other side, I just find that channel beyond unlistenable.

  27. dirt worshipping heathens… heh. Reminds me of classic Anti-strib. Do any of those guys comment here under pseudonyms like me?

  28. https://www.middleeasteye.net/discover/eli-valley-cartoonist-satire-zionism-jewish-america-israel-donald-trump-meghan-mccain-ilham-omar-comics

    Related but off-topic, now, there is a cartoonist out there who draws much like Ben Garrison, so-called “alt-right” cartoon. It’s an interesting take. The first cartoon has Representative Omar, it is kind of funny actually.

    When I was in high school, we had the national lampoon and they wouldn’t be able to publish some of what they did back then, I’ve got the whole NL selection on disk now. Nowadays, everything is politically correct, back then, you didn’t like something, something offended you? Turn the page… well, almost. I basically stopped reading Rolling Stone because they veered to far left.

    Also, watched Rep. Omar in the foreign relations committee, well, at least, she was mostly presentable.

  29. MPR….

    I still have a button set to them on my truck radio and yeah, when the twang and dawl of country music becomes too much or the screeching wall of pop noise gives me a headache, I poke them in.

    And quickly punch the knob into blissful silence.

    But every once in a while, I hear something interesting… it’s like finding a penny in a dumpster.

  30. Four more “youts” accosted a guy walking to his house near Jackson and Mount Airy in St. Paul this morning around 1 a.m., and chased him across the street. He is a permit-holder, though, and was armed. Fired two shots, which seemed to dissuade the merry pranksters. The permit-holder called 911 and was waiting on the street with his hands in the air when the squad arrived, and he announced that his gun was on the waistband of his shorts. Shortly thereafter, 4 young males arrived at Regions, one wounded in the chin. According to them, they were just MTOB when somebody in a dark sedan drove by and shot at them. Other than that, they really didn’t care to say any more. You can find the article on the Pioneer Press site, for now. Search “Gun permit holder reports being chased by group, shoots and wounds 15-year-old in St. Paul”.

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