A friend of the blog sent me this; it’s a map showing the most-common birth country for immigrants, by state, excluding Mexico.

And with most states, you see either what would appear to be the effects of random distribution according to economic forces (the fairly even spreading of Indians, driven heavily by immigration of engineers, academics and other technicians), proximity (Philipinos in the West, Canadians in the North, Cubans in Florida), one that stumps me (Germans in New Mexico?)…

…and Somalis in Minnesota.

Why, it’s almost as if a political movement decided to import an entire class of voters and concentrate them in a swing-y state, and indoctrinate them into a multi-generational voting bloc or something.


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  1. That’s actually a bit encouraging. Long as they don’t bring their penchant for street sh1tting with them, Hindu’s and Sikhs are not the worst people in the world. They’re reasonably intelligent, don’t immediately hit the welfare line and are not automatic votes for the reprobates.

    But whoa, Minnesota…awkward.

  2. Problem with that map though, is when you exclude Mexico you exclude 80% of immigration.

  3. Was perusing the Pioneer Press this morning. A day in Saint Paul, MN:

    – “With new immigration experts and a legal defense fund, St. Paul and Ramsey County aim to serve vulnerable residents” (No fireworks on 4th of July, but free lawyers for illegals who get busted, wheeee!)

    – “St. Paul schools construction costs skyrocket. What’s the impact and what are the causes?” (Roughly double. Cashed in $25mil rainy day fund and have been draining the general account. SPPS board says they are Shocked; had no clue how that could have happened…but hey, y’all are getting gender neutral bathrooms for the kiddies!)

    – “East Metro’s Gold Line costs rise to $461 million due to electric buses, added infrastructure” (No mention of gender neutral bathrooms…what gives?)

    – “Kassim Busuri, interim St. Paul city council member, to run for Ward 6 seat after pledging not to” (Somali and Muslim so it’s OK because Taqiyya! You old whypepul can just STFU!)


    – “Online ranking says St. Paul is Minnesota’s worst city to live in” (Crime…Why is USA today racist?)

  4. But whoa, Minnesota…awkward.

    Funny (as in bitterly ironic) to think that half the state is probably ecstatic about that stat.

  5. Speaking of bitter irony, jdm, that Somali who reneged his promise not to run if they gave him the interim council seat is playing the odds.

    I can guarantee the old guard has promised him the DFL will never give him an endorsement. He’s checked with “his people” and concluded there’s enough Somali’s around to give him an edge.

    Soon, they will own the DFL and all those leftist twits will suddenly realize they’ve committed suicide.

  6. Somali’s are professional parasites. They can identify a fat host when they see one, and y’all up there are juicy as hell.

  7. Just in case anyone thinks I’m being hyperbolic. Took 5 minutes to find this:

    “Somali refugee and activist graduates from St. Cloud State”

    “After graduation, Olat will travel to Africa. He plans to visit his wife in Nairobi, Kenya, and the Somali president in Mogadishu.

    And when he returns to Minnesota, he may run for office, he said. “I have the potential. I have the motivation. I have the talent.”

    Sure ya do.

  8. That’s a BS survey finding…. St. Paul is quite a nice city, despite the machine politics mis-governance. Very livable, not significant crime.

    Really, you think about it and it is quite the curiosity that in local newspaper journalism there is an immigrant beat, and that it is consumed with Somalis . I’m struck that you almost never hear about the Hmongs anymore, but obviously there’s an explanation for that…. their news consideration isn’t public welfare, going to an adult job everyday is not a news angle.

  9. The Minnesota Somali thing reminds me of a scene at the end of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Tevye’s family is leaving Russia for New York, where they will be staying with Uncle Avram. Why? Because he’s family.

    After the Liberal Churches brought first few refugees to Minnesota, chain migration did the rest.

  10. ^ The deep state at the State Department was complicit in moving them to the Twin Cities. Twin Cities / MN was chosen because of the robust social safety net.

  11. “Significant crime” is a relative thing, John. Two people shot in Ortonville would be a crime wave; but in St. Paul, it’s barely newsworthy. The important thing is who crime affects and that is determined by the trend – is crime staying in the ghetto, or is it spreading? If ghetto dwellers shoot each other, other city residents say “Well, they’re ghetto dwellers so what do you expect? This is still a nice place to live.” If criminals start shooting people in areas of the city that used to be crime-free, then people living in those areas say “The city is becoming a terrible place to live.”

    It’s a relative measurement. I agree with those who say it’s getting worse because it’s spreading. I blame The Damned Train.

  12. Regarding the Deep State, I saw an article about an UBER driver somewhere who, despite having been expelled from Canada, and despite his wife’s conviction for immigration fraud, was allowed to stay in the country another dozen or so years. His crime in Somalia? Alleged murder.

    Yes, the Deep State has something to do with some of the immigration issues we’ve got.

  13. I agree with JD
    if 3 people are shot in a month in the frogtown area it barely makes the news, if 3 people are shot in Mac-Groveland you can bet the city council is concerned.

  14. Part of the Deep State goals is to make sure there is a persistent underclass distributed equally among the electoral regions (states primarily but not exclusively). Notice, in addition to MN, SD, AR, AL.

  15. St. Paul is okay. I lived in Beloit, the Badger State entry on the list. Beloit is actually getting better these days, but I can see how it was chosen. The one town on the list that’s really a hole is Chester, PA — I-95 goes right through it at street level and it’s just awful.

  16. Its relative in some ways and not in others.

    Its not relative in the ways you’re explaining it Joe. We can come up with a murder incidence metric for Ortonville and St. Paul, and figure out who compares better to national incidence metrics. That’s not relative, its basically apples / apples.

    Whether the newspaper in St. Paul wants to cover every murder given print space and coverage considerations is a matter of relative relevance, yes.

    That criminals inflict most of their crime on other criminals does have bearing on the matter. My contention is a bourgeoisie St. Paul house holder doesn’t have to worry about it much as they come and go.

    I do have my eye on this East Bank LRT station gang hammer attack

  17. My contention is a bourgeoisie St. Paul house holder doesn’t have to worry about it much as they come and go.

    Five bourgeoisie St. Paul householders were carjacked in their driveways last week in a spree. Funny, it’s all but disappeared from the paper.

  18. I don’t know if the link will send me into moderation, but search this headline in the St. Paul paper: After 5 cases of men assaulted, robbed in St. Paul, 3 teens detained following pursuit of stolen vehicle

    From the article: The assaults happened in the Como, Cathedral Hill, Summit Hill and Frogtown neighborhoods of St. Paul.

    “It’s hard to believe it happened in our neighborhood because it’s a safe place,” said a 56-year-old man who was assaulted near his garage on Parkview Avenue, about a block from Lake Como. He’s lived in the area for 20 years.

  19. I read it. It’s very interesting. If it ends up being anything more than sporadic, yes, St. Paul is on the way to being a hellhole.

    It ‘disappearing’ from the newspaper is not a function of the newspaper not being willing to cover crime and / or crime committed by minorities. Its just that there’s nothing left to report at the moment,

  20. Mpls & St. Paul have in place most all the pieces that destroyed Kansas City, Baltimore, DC, Philly, Detroit, Oakland & etc.

    – Growing negro populations\expansion of the hood (and Joe is right. Light rail is *always* a precursor of the spread of crime; congrats on your choo-choo.)
    – Corrupt leftist governments

    St. Paul has the one ingredient that always seals the deal; government dominated by Negro Democrat politicians. People don’t like to talk about them, but those are the facts.

    The Sammies are a new component. But if their hometown (Mogadishu) is any indication, they already know the ropes.

    I give the Twin Cities 15 years before serious out migration is in process. After that, it goes downhill real fast.

  21. Mr. D, there really isn’t a city in Pennsylvania with a population of >10,000 that isn’t a hell hole. I’ve travelled that state from one end to the other; it’s amazing.

  22. Joe, the last year I lived in MN (2012), I eye-witnessed two hoodrats jump out of their cars in the middle of the intersection of Emerson Ave. N./ 27th St. and shoot it out, old West style. Magazines empty, they both jumped into their cars and made it about 2 blocks before they both died.

    Not a peep about it in the newspapers; jus another day in the hood. Imagine how many times that happens.

  23. Night Writer; from 2 years ago

    St. Paul’s Como Park Neighborhood Stunned by Violent Home Invasion

    “St. Paul police said 22-year-old Robert Javonte Barrett was arrested and charged with six felonies for allegedly breaking into a home on the 1600 block of Maywood Street on Sept. 21.

    Mark Weinfurter has lived in the neighborhood for more than two years and does not remember anything quite like this happening before.

    “This is like a Norman Rockwell neighborhood where there is little crime, and it is filled with young families and children where we all feel relatively safe,” Weinfurter said.”

  24. John K., would you mind sharing the neighborhood where you live in St. Paul and how long you’ve lived there? I wonder if that influences our differing perceptions?

  25. The Red Star (in fact, none of the local media) also hasn’t reported on the harassment of white, liberal soccer moms by young Somali men, in Linden Hills. It started last year when a woman was followed to her door as she returned home from jogging. I have learned from some acquaintances that live in the neighborhood, that it is still going on. Trying to find corroborative evidence.

  26. I don’t live in St. Paul, I live in Washington County.

    I’ve worked in downtown St. Paul recently. I’m in St. Paul often. More nice neighborhoods than ‘bad’ neighborhoods. As a matter of experience I don’t think its truthful that its understood as dangerous in any meaningful way. Sure, there’s aberrations.

  27. bh429, now that’s funny. I mean like, dopey emoticon-laughing-with-tears funny. Thanks, that made my day.

  28. Overall, St. Paul’s crime rate is 54% higher than the national average. So it’s not rural or suburban, but it’s also not Gary or Detroit, thanks be to God. And I’d have to guess that they’re not breaking things out by refugees vs. non-refugees, or the children thereof, either.

    Being a guy who grew up near Gary and spent a fair amount of time in Chicago and LA, St. Paul doesn’t bother me too badly in comparison–but I still take careful note of signs that things are wrong like bars on the windows, etc..

  29. “Why did you come to Casablanca, Rick?”
    “For my health. I came for the waters.”
    “But this is a desert!”
    “I was misinformed.”

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