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  1. Were also in the longest stretch of continuous worldwide peace (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Balkans dont count. Those were relatively isolated conflicts) in recorded human history, most likely because of nukes and the MAD doctrine established during the cold war.

  2. “Hawaiian” pizza with ham and pineapple is delicious, but spaghetti on pizza is just too many carbs. Then again, I didn’t mind the macaroni-and-cheese pizza at Cici’s pizza buffet. To each his own.

  3. Kiwis. What did you expect?

    Now if it was tuna noodle hot-dish pizza. . .

  4. Don’t we know already from the very existence of Domino’s that something is wrong with this world–why else would we have their sad excuse for pizza in the first place?

  5. The high point of pizza innovation occurred with the stuffed crust. It has been downhill from there.

  6. I was just discussing this the other day, yes, indeed, the ’60s had Biafra and Indonesia, close to being genocides and then, the trouble in Bangladesh in the early ’70s but some of these we did not hear that much about. And these above are in addition to the better known conflicts, South East Asia obviously.

    So, in ways, it is correct, the past was more troubled. We still don’t seem to get enough though about what the wars in DR Congo, those have killed millions.

  7. Everyone is slagging the millennials, and most are annoying, but let’s be honest.

    It’s gen X that fucked them up, and it’s the Boomers that fucked gen X up.

    All of those white haired, dried out hippies derailed the train. Thankfully, most have left the planet.

  8. MP, I was born in Chicago, lived there for a minute. I don’t have a lot of memories of Chicago, but one thing I’m sure of is, thin crust pizza was what everyone wanted…at least it’s what I always got.

    Not sure what motherless waste of flesh came up with thick crust, I’m sure it was a Democrat, but I hope he suffers the torment of the damned.

    I didn’t need another reason never to go back to Chicago, but thick pizza is there anyway.

  9. Swiftee, it’s worth noting that a true Chicago style pizza has a thin crust (Detroit style/Shakey’s has a thicker crust) but lots of toppings. It was invented at Pizzeria Uno, either by Ike Sewell or Rudy Malnati (or both), around 1943.

    Cheap versions of Chicago style, however, do end up being generous with the crust, which is a shame.

  10. One of the great things about stuffed crust pizza is you can dip the crust in marinara, so you sort of have a hidden pizza within the pizza itself.

  11. All of those white haired, dried out hippies derailed the train. Thankfully, most have left the planet.

    Those that haven’t left the planet are running for president.

  12. MP, I’ve had some surprisingly tasty pizza in Hawaii. Big respect for resisting the temptation to use Poi or Opihi.

  13. BB, I remember Shakey’s! But we got our slices from Fox’s Beverly Pizza on Western Ave. Came with fried yardbird, too as I recall; no idea why.

    Looked up the villain responsible for deep dish disaster pizza; you’re right Pizzeria Uno in ’43. Alls I can tell you is it wasn’t being sold anywhere on the South Side in the late 60’s.

  14. Nor in the 1970s, when I was living in NW Indiana and taking trips in to Brookfield to visit my grandmother. It really boomed in the 1990s, I believe.

    Shakey’s also featured fried yardbird on their buffet. Many good times for which my arteries still cringe.

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