I, Judge, Jury and Executioner

In the past week, the house of cards has collapsed of its own febrile weight.  The Duke Lacrosse Rape case is no more.  There was no there, there.  Mike Nifong apparently ginned the whole thing up based on a fraudulent story, in a (successful) bid to pander for votes.

It has been, as a lawyer acquaintance noted, one of the most devastating shut-downs in the history of American jurisprudence, that rare case of misconduct so grotesque it may well take down an elected prosecutor.  Go ahead, look and see how common that is.

Jeff Fecke – local rent-a-blogger who works for “Minnesota Monitor”, the local plutolefty group blog, for which he took a “pledge” to be a good, balanced journalist – has been among the most vitriolic in condemning not only the accused, but those who assailed DA Nifong for what increasingly seemed to be gross misconduct (as, eventually, turned out to be fact), and in the end men as a gender.

Now, nobody’s accused Jeff of being the most discerning blogger.  Last fall, when local conservative bloggers launched charges [as yet unanswered] that Minnesota Monitor was supported by George Soros and other left-of-center plutocrats, Jeff responded with a photoshopped “cartoon” of local conservative bloggers, including me; (To be fair, he’s a better cartoonist than Ken Avidor.  To be fairer, neither of them is as visually or comedically talented as Swiftee). The balloon over my head has me saying something like “I’ll do what I always do – lead off with an unsubstantiated allegation” (or words to that effect.  I’m not going to go looking for it!).   

Cue Alannis Morrisette.

The subject of sexual assault rates an entire category on “Blog of the Moderate Left”, his long-running leftyblog; it includes many nuggets of wisdom (including putting the wordsI am a rapist” in Vox Day’s mouth).

But on the issue of the Duke lacrosse case, he’s been modestly prolific – and immodestly absolutist in his conclusions.

On the third indictment, last fall:

A team captain.  Cue defense whining about how this is totally a witch hunt.

Interesting, since I thought Nifong was only trying this case to win the primary.

That’d be one of the “snarks by negation” that leftyblogs have perfected – and by “perfected” I mean “beat to death to the point where it’s become a stylistic cliche almost too depressing to mock anymore”.

Ironic in retrospect, though, huh?

On the news that one of the [formerly] accused had been convicted of assault against a gay guy:

I don’t know if either suspect is guilty [of the rape charge].  (I have my suspicions.)  But it does appear that these weren’t poor, innocent naifs who got set up by a scheming, drunk, black stripper.

Ah.  The old “it appears to me” standard.

On the first two arrests:

Well, I guess the case isn’t wholly without merit after all:  

Two 20-year-old Duke University lacrosse players were arrested early Tuesday on charges of raping and kidnapping a stripper hired to dance at an off-campus party.

Reade Seligmann posted a $400,000 bond and Collin Finnerty was in the process of doing so for the same amount, said Col. George Naylor of the Durham County jail. By posting bond, the players avoided making an initial court appearance later in the day.

Now, of course, we enter the twilight phase where there’ll be plenty of ad hominem attacks launched against the victim, because that’s how you defend an accused rapist–by turning the tables and smearing the accuser.  I wonder why rape is underreported?

I wonder why fraudulent charges aren’t reported often enough? 

On the lack of DNA evidence that was the first big hole in Nifong’s “Case”:

Orenthal James Simpson is almost certainly guilty of having killed two people, but a jury of his peers felt differently, and thus he walks free today, hunting for the “real killer” on golf courses throughout America.

Keep this in mind as people try to tell you that the absence of DNA evidence in the Duke Lacrosse rape case is proof that the men are innocent, and the woman is lying

If OJ did it, a bunch of privileged white kids must have done it!

Back before there were any arrests – back when it was just the “victim’s” word against every college kid (race indeterminate) in the greater Duke area, Jeff – perhaps overestimating his blog’s reach – called out:

There is no honor in covering up rape. Ever. So long as you remain silent, three rapists remain free–and so long as you remain silent, you give your assent that this is okay.

And that makes you almost as bad as them.

Got that?  It’s all our our fault!

That was as far as I could get. 

So, leftybloggers; Jeff Fecke indicted and convicted not only the Duke Lacrosse players – and a good chunk of male American to boot.

When comes the part that a “journalist” would get to next?  Apologizing for the slander on the characters of the three who were wrongly charged?  Apologizing for denying them the slim dignity that all accused in this country are supposed to be accorded – the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty?

Apologizing for denying them, over the past year, the one courtesy the media – every journalist – is supposed to accord the accused in this country; referring to their alleged guilt, rather than stating it as a proven fact?

Where is the justice?

 Of course, it’s only fair that Fecke questions his own judgement:

I stopped being a Bears fan and started to love the Vikings.There have been many times since that I’ve wondered whether I made the right decision.

Well, he’s capable of some remorse, anyway.

CORRECTION:  Mike, not Tom, Nifong. 

I was mixing him up with one of the Grand Rapids Nifongs.


10 thoughts on “I, Judge, Jury and Executioner

  1. “”neither of them is as visually or comedically talented as Swiftee””

    You have GOT to be kidding me!


  2. What? Me? Kid?

    That’d be so out of character!

    Well, in this case, no – Avidor is utterly untalented.

  3. To be brutally fair to poor Jeff he was not the only one who had these young men tried and convicted. Nor is he the only “journalist” to have them tried and convicted in the court of press.

    Jeff just happens to be one of the local ones.


  4. I think it was fair, originally, to guess that it was likely that something pretty awful went on that night, based on information generally available. (Just as, initially, it was fair to guess that something horrible had happened to Tawana Brawley.)

    But the story — and the narrative — quickly unraveled, and by the time that the actual arrests happened, it was clear, based on information generally available, that there was more than a little deception going on on the part of the “dancers” (Kim’s phone call, for example), and it kept unraveling from there.

    By the time of Fecke’s feckless call on March 30 to the rest of the lacrosse players to come forward, though, it was utterly clear from information generally available that the charges had fallen apart — several of Mangum’s mutually contradictory stories had already come out, and it was clear that she was, well, making stuff up. (We’re not talking about the ordinary sort of inconsistencies that happen when somebody under stress reports an event repeatedly.)

    The information that wasn’t generally available — the SANE nurse’s report, the carefully-framed lineups, the fact that a remarkable amount of DNA was retrieved from Magnum’s person and clothing and that none of it — not so much as a skin cell or hair follicle — matched any of the 46 lacrosse players [was this rape supposedly performed by guys in full-body condoms?], the cell phone and computerized door entry records and taxicab driver alibit witness, etc. etc. — made it clear by then that Mangum’s story was, simply, a hoax. But it’s hard to blame Fecke for not knowing that — those portions of the hoax survived past March 30, as did the “magic towel” and other parts of it.

    It’s not simply that Feckless Fecke — and many others on the left side of the blogosphere — didn’t allow for the possibility that these three young men might have been falsely accused; it’s that they continued to demagogue the case after it was clear that they had, indeed, been falsely accused.

    As to why Fecke did that, and why he hasn’t — as far as I know — issued an appropriate apology (or, as far as I know, any apology) at all, is a matter for his conscience, and one that I’d suggest he attend to promptly, as his conscience appears to be a sickly little thing and much in need of attention.

  5. Unsurprisingly, the Feckless One deleted a not-entirely-congratulatory comment I made on his rent-a-blog in which I suggested that his half-assed, half-hearted quasi-apology was less than it should have been.

    Which is all to the good — apparently he is capable of feeling a bit of embarrassment when his shameful behavior is pointed to.

  6. My work here is done.

    Well, until the next round of overreaching conclusions (see Olson V. Brodkorb).

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