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I worked briefly in a nursing home. Election judges would come around with absentee ballots and nursing home residents had the opportunity to vote. That was good, I thought. Then, I saw children “helping” their parents vote. Parents that couldn’t tell you where they are, what they had for breakfast, etc. They had no idea they were voting. Even if those children tried to vote the way they thought their parents would want, they were only guessing. Is that right?

So, I thought of that experience when I read this tweet.
There are so many responses that imply the Texas Senator does not want people to vote. To me, it sounds like he doesn’t want activists driving people to vote and influencing their vote. It sounds like you can still ask your friend, neighbor, son, brother to drive you. And if you are cognizant enough to ask someone to get you to the polls, then you probably are not going to allow someone else to make the choice for you. Seems fair enough, given the gravity of the right to vote.

Jamming uninformed, or push-informed, people to the polls is a feature, not a bug, for at least one major political party.

4 thoughts on “Agency

  1. Maybe someone can explain to me how getting people who care the least about voting to vote is going to improve democracy? Show the chain of reasoning that begins with “I shall improve democracy” and ends with you collecting the votes of winos and people in insane asylums.

  2. The only way to get rid of this system is for both sides to adopt it. Once the Republicans start doing it, the Democrats will need to dream up some new form of voter “assistance”.

  3. At least they are alive? Thats a step up for Democrats.

  4. MP, we need to remind people (our side too) that we are NOT a democracy. We are a Republic, if we can keep it. In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin.

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