Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’m pleased that Governor Walz is taking concrete steps to end rampant racial discrimination in state government hiring.  For far too long, the State has relied on affirmative action implemented through voluntary goals and timetables.  Now that we know proportional representation is the ultimate indicator of perfectly just society, we can set about hiring an exactly proportional workforce: 85.3% White employees, 5.2% Black, 4% Asian, 1.2% Native, and fill the rest of the jobs with people who are uncertain or have no opinion.

The funny thing is, in my vocational field, I believe I know of one black practitioner in the Twin Cities. That’s it. A black student wanting to make a decent living could pretty much write their own ticket in UX.

4 thoughts on “Challenge…Met!

  1. Funny/scary thing is, I hear DFL politicians saying that the Legislature should exactly mirror the demographics of the State. So are the Pacific Islanders going to have to share a legislative seat with the Inuit representative? What if one of them is a moron? Is that just another DFLer or does that demographic get its own seat?

  2. If a black person is unwilling to be employed in a workplace dominated by whites, they need to be ordered to do so, on pain of arrest. A few years on the chain gang will make them see the light. That’s the only way we’ll end racism in this country.

  3. Swalwell (one of the Dem NPC’s running for prez) says that he will ask a woman to be his VP candidate.
    First, why not ask to be her VP pick? Chauvinist, much, Swalwell?
    Second, if it’s so important to have a woman on the ticket, Swalwell, how can you just “ask” her? The future of diversity is at stake! No, Swalwell, you order her to be your running mate! And make sure she is hot, okay? Get her trotting right beside you at every campaign appearance. Otherwise it’s a waste of frikkin’ time.

  4. First, why not ask to be her VP pick? Chauvinist, much, Swalwell?

    Take it one step farther:

    He is misogynist for even entertaining running, reducing the possibility of a female winning the presidency. He’s also white, thereby reducing the chances of another affirmative action presidency. He’s also cis-male. He should just do the honorable thing and bow out before sowing any more seeds of discrimination.

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