Merry Christmas, Swiftee

Saint Paul School Board member Al Oertwig resigns after his login ID was associated with someone viewing child pr0n on a publicly-owned computer:

 “According to the police report, [Metro State] university security officers called St. Paul police to the library after a patron told a security officer earlier in the day that a man was watching porn on a computer and pointed him out.

The officer approached the man and saw him watching a pornographic video of what appeared to be three adult men and three boys, the report said.

When the officer tapped the man on the shoulder and told him to log off, the man apologized, gathered his belongings and began to leave. The officer told the man to stop, but he ran away, the report said.

(Aside:  A guy resembling the fiftysomething Oertwig got away from a Saint Paul cop?  Huh?)

Security officers pulled the computer’s processor, found the library identification number of the man who had logged in and linked it to Oertwig, the report said. They also obtained images from security cameras of the man entering and leaving the library.

A security officer told police he could identify the man. The police report didn’t indicate whether investigators have asked the officer to confirm whether the man was Oertwig.

Oertwig is, of course, innocent until proven guilty.


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Swiftee

  1. The article says he’s “openly gay.” It says the patron was viewing images of men and boys.

    Anybody know if he’s also a member of NAMBLA? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but . . .

  2. Security officers pulled the computers processor? Huh? What, was the login id written underneath it? Those high tech libraries confuse and bewilder me. But, then again, I am a simple unfroze IBM caveman.

  3. Looks like this has hit the wire services already.

    My hit meter is off the scale with google searches for “Oertwig Saint Paul”..

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