Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

One of the benefits of working in a government building frequented by diverse members of the recently immigrated public is their wide variety of food choices which result in powerful aromas and startling splatter patterns in the men’s restroom.  Sadly, not all of them have fully assimilated the culture of flushing upon completion.  Bladder control in older men is occasionally a problem but I am pleased to report I can now hold my breath for quite a long time.
Joe Doakes

Or, put another way…:

“The cabbie smelled like someone eating gorgonzola cheese while getting a perm in a septic tank beneath a slaughterhouse”
— Dennis Miller

Ethnic food and peoples’ digestive tracts is an evergreen source of yuks.

PC would take that away from us.

Will we stand for it?

Please sit!

3 thoughts on “Evergreen

  1. In college, I got stuck for a year in the international residence hall. Tried bringing a date back to my room, and she gagged at the smells from the kitchen.

    I learned about the joys of Vicks Vapor Rub, and blocking out smells.

    At the time, I raged about why I was stuck in there. I came to see, years later, that experience was beneficial. I kept a jar of it with my gear, and it got used plenty in Iraq – both recovery missions and going into homes – as well as a few domestic disaster recovery missions.

    Vapo Rub is a bug out bag essential.

  2. shaking;

    Roger that! Vapo Rub has been my friend for years, cuz it blocks out the smell of almost anything.

  3. Most of my older daughters’ friends at college are either Asian or Hispanic, and let’s just say that my impression of the results of eating ethnic food differ quite a bit from others’. One thing I do remember, though, is that when I traveled to Malaysia on business, the bathrooms were pretty fragrant no matter how hard they tried to keep them clean. I later realized this was because they didn’t have the “air trap” that keeps the smells from bubbling up in western toilets.

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