I’m Not Hopey-Changey

Remember when Hillary was asked if she wiped her email server and she asked “Wiped?  Like with a cloth?” 
Democrats in Congress asked:  “Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign?”
Spy?  You mean peer at them through a spyglass, like a pirate might use?  No, we’re the FBI.  We’re not pirates.  We never spy on people. We employed covert agents to infiltrate their campaign, and electronic surveillance to listen to their conversations, which we turned over to political appointees in the White House to forward to the Clinton campaign for use in formulating strategy.
That’s completely different.
Joe Doakes

A dispassionate examination will one day show Barack Obama’s administration no less corrupt than Nixon’s.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Hopey-Changey

  1. Again, the coming scandal that will be uncovered by Barr & Co. will make Watergate look like childs play. Its going to get brutal for dems in the near future.

  2. I dont know whats scarier, the Dems coming up with that excuse, or the fact they might actually believe their own bullshit.

  3. Let’s see what the Mueller report says.
    At this time it looks as though there was no valid reason for the JD & FBI to investigate the Trump campaign — certainly no more than there was reason to investigate Hillary’s campaign.
    I hope Trump releases the text of the Carter Page FISA warrant. I want to know how the FBI justified spying on a political campaign, and the scope of the warrant. We know the justification was not great, or they would have gotten a criminal court warrant.

  4. So now I’m reading — in a story sourced to the NY Times — that the FBI questioning of Flynn was prompted by deputy AG Sally Yates. The questioning led to Flynn’s guilty plea, and Yates, according to the Times, pointed the FBI at Flynn because she suspected him of violating the Logan act that criminalizes citizens negotiating with foreign governments. No one has been charged with violating the Logan act for over 150 years. No one has ever been convicted of violating the Logan act.
    This stinks on ice.

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