Alan Dershowitz, in re the faculty at Harvard Law School: “Your idea of diversity is someone with different color skin, or in a skirt, who thinks exactly the same as you do”.

See also “Comedy Central“.

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  1. Comedy Central has become unwatchable since Jon Stewart retired. There was a now gone/cancelled show called @midnight that I loved, until Trump got elected. Because before it was funny and topical and mostly non-political which I like in my comedy. After Trump got elected it became an unwatchable Trump bashing show. The best show ever on there was probably Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. It was on when I was in high school, and when I told people at school I liked it they just basically insulted me for being a conservative (this was 2002-04, it was my first hands on experience with how intolerant the Left really is). The greatest thing about that show is while it was political, all sides were expressed and sometimes it got nasty. I think it probably refined my debating skills and realizing you can use humor as a weapon and to win people over, if you know how to.

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