Money + Mouth

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I confidently expect your Progressive readers to support Utah’s new law restricting abortions, under the theory of state’s rights the Left is using to propose restrictions on firearms.  Looking forward to it. 
Joe Doakes

Pointing out logical and moral inconsistencies in “progressives” is a little like solving Rubik’s cubes. You can do it a lot, and you can do it fast, and you an do it all day – and in the end, it’s pretty much just kept you occupied.

4 thoughts on “Money + Mouth

  1. Don’t insult airedales, J. Ewing!

    Seriously, this is good, and it follows the survival of a number of babies that were born at 18 weeks gestation. I predict it survives court review because it meets the standards of Roe, specifically fetal viability. Hats are off to Utah legislators for crafting anti-infanticide laws with teeth that meet judicial muster.

  2. bb, it’s not that airedales are too stupid to learn astrophysics, it’s just not important to them.

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