Nominations Are Open

This year, for the Fourth Annual Shootie Awards – the annual award for the worst and (occasionally) best in Twin Cities blogging, I’m doing something different.

In addition to my own awards, I’ll be doing a Reader Participation award.  Sort of like Rolling Stone magazine’s annual “Best Of” edition, which has always been divided into “Readers” and “Critics” polls, I’ll be doing “Readers” and “Mitch/Roosh/Doug” awards this year.

So if you have nominations for best/worst Twin Cities blogging moments since last January 1, drop ’em in this comment section between now and December 28.

The Shooties – a tradition unlike many others!

11 thoughts on “Nominations Are Open

  1. Kermit Says:

    December 21st, 2009 at 2:55 pm
    “Worst – how can Peev not be a lock?”

    Are you speaking of Penigma the individual, or our blog? In either case,
    the request is for “nominations for best/worst Twin Cities blogging moments since last January 1,”, so perhaps you might be more specific?

  2. He’ll always be Peev to me. The venerable James Lileks (who knows a thing or two about writing) christened heim “Peevish Boy” several years ago.
    Always the individual. I try not to judge people by the company they keep. Blogging at Anti-Strib makes me acutely aware of the whole glass houses thing.

  3. Well, Kerm and DG, penigma has improved his writing a lot from those days. He used to pile adjective on adjective and have problems writing sentences with a clear Object-Subject-Verb. He’s gotten much better.

  4. Terry’s right — Peev/Penigma has improved. And his blog is streets ahead of many of the other local portside commenters. He’s still a very peevish fellow, but he’s gained some discipline.

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