Two Democrat presidential candidates – Fauxcahontas and The Bogus Latino – come out in favor of turning the rule of the country over to New York, California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida (AKA “abolishing the electoral college”).   

Maybe it’s time we just had the most amicable split we can still manage? 


24 thoughts on “Irreconcilable

  1. I hope you’re not really thinking any split would be amicable. It won’t be before, during, nor after. The left is addicted to power regardless of the consequences.

  2. California and New York see every state that lies in between them as colonies to be managed and exploited properly.

  3. It’s time to being the subject up publicly. We are split so fundamentally, there is no way we can continue to share governance much longer.

    The left wants a new country defined by a new Constitution. I’m all for giving them that opportunity.

    I do believe an amicable split is possible. Our economy is pretty well diversified geographically, and states that dont have much going dont have anything to lose anyway. It’s going to be disruptive, no doubt, but it needn’t be violent or destructive.

    The problem is, although many clear thinking people know it’s time, no one with any credibility wants to be first to bring it up. Seems to me, the best way to get the party started is to get the idea floating around the internet until it takes off.

    I am somewhat of a scholar on ACW1. I have been to all the major battlefields, studied the battles, the tactics employed and most importantly, the aftermath. One thing is clear; Americans know how to fight a war, and no one kills Americans with more ferver than other Americans.

    I really don’t want to see ACW2 for myself, or my kids; it would be fucking awful. That being said, I don’t like the idea of leaving my kids and someday, grandkids, under the threat of living in a country ruled by leftist reprobates.

    We should split the sheets.

  4. Swiftee, as Dennis Prager has said for years we are currently in a cold/b;ppd;ess Civil War. The first spark of shots fired was that scumball Bernie supporter that nearly killed Steve Scalise. And unfortunately I do see a potential event on the near horizon that could make it active. What that is I am not going to say because I dont need the feds showing up at my door but use your imagination. But I do find it funny that the left REALLY seems to be pushing for it but they forget which side has the guns and tactics.

  5. Neither CA or NY can support themselves, they rapidly collapse without their colonies; there will not be an amicable split.

  6. Mac I agree about NY but not sure about CA, I mean they have the 6th largest economy in the WORLD. But maybe the welfare state (and probably pension too) is so large in both states, it wouldnt matter, which would be funny and ironic.

  7. It takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to simultaneously claim to be the voice for the underrepresented, minorities and diversity while also being against the concept of the electoral college.

  8. The best part about splitting the country would be the export restrictions on autos imposed on cars made in Tennessee – cannot be shipped to California and New York without payment of a whopping tariff. Barrett already won’t ship .50 caliber rifles to some states, I’d expect others to follow suit. If we could get the farmers on board . . . .

  9. It takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to simultaneously claim

    It takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to be a leftist. There fixed that for you escaprefromstl..

  10. POD
    CA is comparatively resource poor and depends on its colonies for raw materials. For a coastal desert its largest agricultural export is water (vegetables, citrus, dairy, etc). CA without the Colorado river reverts to desert because they can’t hydrate crops and their population. Its heavy industry depends completely on raw materials from its colonies or offshore. Its power generation capacity depends heavily on fossil fuels and out of state sources, consequently their supply will not meet their demand. As JD point out they don’t build cars there. Their high tech sector is heavily dependent for revenue on the colonies (their customers). The financial services sector draws its revenue stream from surrounding states, raw material providers and the transportation sector. And yes between their welfare state and pension liabilities they are drowning in unfunded financial commitments.

  11. Joe, I’m sure that Cali and Tennessee would be on opposite sides of the border, but the lines of the split would be interesting.

    I’m sure all the former CSA would opt to stay in the United States of America (as opposed to joining the Reprobate States of America), but there would be a lot more. In fact, I’d bet the RSA would be a much smaller country, geographically if not population-wise.

    The RSA would consist of the West coast, New Mexico, the North East (but not New Hampshire or maybe Maine), Minnesota, maaaybe Wisconsin, Indiana, maybe Michigan. The US would be everything else.

  12. California is culturally and geographically positioned to make a go of it–they’re really more connected culturally with Asia than with the rest of the U.S. these days–but my hunch is that their links with the rest of the country are preventing them from falling into the abyss. Kinda like the evangelical wing of the United Methodists is doing the same for the liberal wing. I support the split of the United Methodists, not quite sanguine about the U.S.

  13. he RSA would consist of […] Minnesota

    Which, if you say so, is precisely why I say it won’t be amicable. The near-North of the metro, CD6, Stillwater to St Cloud is very conservative. The residents will not go amicably to be part of the RSA.

  14. Mac, fair points all. Im starting to understand why the Calexit concept died a really quick death. Some people woke up and noticed that they couldnt go it alone and told the bitter leftists to shut the f*ck up. Also with new leadership it looks like the Cali GOP might be making a comeback.

  15. to think a generation ago it was California who voted for Reagans re-election and fricken MN who voted for Wally and the Beaver. I mean Mondale and the lesbian he nominated.

  16. I talked to a guy a couple weeks ago who is a successful inventor (more than 50 patents, mostly in medical), entrepreneur, lecturer and futurist. He grew up and lives in California – but by this time next year he, his family, and his business will be living in Scottsdale, AZ. Being a futurist, he’s looked at the demographics, the financial data and the more and – despite the size of California’s economy – he sees where it is headed. He’s not waiting for the a civil war, he’s getting out while he can – a preemptive refugee.

  17. Give California back to Mexico and return Manhattan to the Wappinger Confederacy (the natives who owned it).

    To refuse to do so would be racist.

  18. Give California back to Mexico

    They are trying to legislate that hard already Greg.

  19. Kurt Schlichter has written a book about this (as have others I’m sure) – Peoples Republic. His breakdown of states, and the state of things 5 to 10 years after the split, are interesting. I think, at the end of the day, that MN would opt to stay in. Or, maybe become the Florida of Canada. Not just for the warm winters – it’d be the peninsula with a bunch of oddballs.

    I suppose my biggest question is how does the debt get divided? How about Federal Pensions? The logistics of a split would be tough. Enough to make BREXIT look simple. And along those lines – even if approved by voters, would the forces in power let it happen peacefully?

    I say let it happen (the split, not ACW2) – within ten years, we’ll be getting back together again. But, in the meantime, add in term limits and a bunch of other small government stuff into the Constitution (using the process, not executive orders).

  20. within ten years, we’ll be getting back together again

    Not without some serious payback to those effers that got us to this point that we’re even talking about the details of how to do it. As an old person who remembers just enough of what this country was like before 1968, I want some payback and I want changes. Like, for example, real American civics and history classes: like why is your signature called “your John Hancock” or if you can’t explain the arguments for and against the Electoral College and why it was adopted, you don’t get to vote.

  21. within ten years, we’ll be getting back together again

    You’ll want to make it at least 30 years. The baby boomer generation is responsible for most of this mess so waiting until they all die off is not only advisable but necessary.

  22. JDM – I don’t disagree. That’s what I imagine would happen after the split. Don’t disagree at all.

    MacArthur – 30 years works as well. With no boomers, and half the blue population dead from lack of health care and starvation, maybe it could work.

  23. Not all Boomers are responsible for this, Mac. Some might even be part of the solution. 🙂

  24. Suppose 2/3 of the states called for a constitutional convention, and the feds declared the process of the states’ voting was invalid because it violated the civil rights of some of their citizens.
    Then you could see a civil war.
    Constitutionally, the states can make or reform the federal government as they wish, but the federal government cannot “unmake” a state.

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