The World Academic / Intellectual War

The barring and harassment of conservative speakers on campus – even campuses like Grand Canyon and Northwestern in Saint Paul, which recently got heartburn over Star Parker – isn’t just a series of random snowflakes yelling themselves hoarse:

Lefties call this kind of challenge a structure test. It’s an evaluation of capacity. Organizations (or people) can either pass a structure test, or they can fail. In the case of the [Grand Canyon University] challenge, [Young America Foundation] passed. So, the next question is whether YAF has the capacity and willingness to pass that structure test somewhere else for the sake of Parker, who is a less prominent name than Shapiro.
After that, the question will be whether YAF can pass that test again, and again, and again. It’s an unending series of questions: Are you willing to fight? How much? For how long? How many fights can you sustain? How many fights can you keep track of? How many lawsuits can you afford to file?

Even I lose track.

The answer?

Organize – finally, once and for all. Of course, it’s easier said than done:

First off, let me stress that this kind of organization isn’t something just anybody can do. Some people are better placed to do it than others. The ideal person to be involved in this work is somebody who’s active in her alumni network, was active in campus life as a student, and has a good number of healthy contacts, preferably among people who are active donors.
If that’s you: sit down and make a list of people you know personally, who donate time and money to the university, who are unhappy with the way things are. Call them up on the phone—don’t text, don’t email, don’t Facebook. You’re using a personal connection here, and the human voice is important.
Sound them out, make sure they’re on your side, then make it clear you’re putting together a group of donors who want to pressure the university to make it a better place for conservatives. They should ideally be of a variety of ages — that way their networks will consist of different graduating cohorts. Discuss what you’re doing, what your demands will be, and get people to sign on.
This is your organizing committee

Read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “The World Academic / Intellectual War

  1. This is great advice.

    There was one high end U of M donor that pulled his donations last year over the U’s stupidity of restricting free speech. If I recall, he was either a high six or low seven figure donor.

  2. It’s along the lines of what Walter Williams has been saying for decades; the only sound that means anything to campus administrators is the sound of alumni wallets snapping shut. And if you get them a bunch of wallets snapping shut, repeatedly, then you are more effective.

    The sad thing about this, though, is that it should be obvious that if you’re going to have provocative speakers from one side–any socialist ought to be described as such after the hundreds of millions who died at the hands of Communists in the past century–you’ve got to have provocative speakers from the other side. The test here being administered by the left is “can we use political processes to bend academia to our will”. The remedy discussed here is “can we use political and financial processes to bend academia to our will”.

    One would figure that at some point, schools would figure out how to get trustees with “testicular fortitude” who would hire administrators with the same, who would in turn tell activists to “p*** up a rope”, but evidently that is too much to ask.

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