Wings So Good, They’re Worth Going To Jail For

A Saint Paul woman, upset that a local Dominos Pizza had forgetten her wings in her delivery, decided to take the law into her own hands.

Well, not “the law”, per se.   More like “Customer Service”:

Police were called to the Domino’s at 1110 Grand Avenue just before 9 p.m. Thursday on a report of a customer pointing a handgun at staff.

When police arrived, they were told that the Robinsons — who had already left — were upset that their wings hadn’t been delivered with their pizza to their home in the 1000 block of Dayton Avenue. An argument had ensued.

It was fairly easy to find the Robinsons’ home, since the order had recently been delivered there. Police drove to the address, and — while waiting for a supervisor to arrive on scene — Holly Robinson came out of the home and began talking to officers.

“She didn’t want to wait for another order because they had already waited for an hour, so she decided to go to Domino’s because it would be faster,” a police report stated. The two had demanded a refund.

The Robinsons never got their wings, or a refund. The daughter told officers the “manager had an attitude,” and said her mother had brought a gun because she feared a physical confrontation. She took it out and held it at her hip but never pointed it, the daughter said.

The first thing I thought on hearing the story was “please don’t have a carry permit”.

Since it’s been about a week and we haven’t had Nancy Nord Bence yipping about it, I’m gonna guess Ms. Robinson doesn’t.

18 thoughts on “Wings So Good, They’re Worth Going To Jail For

  1. “her mother had brought a gun because she feared a physical confrontation”

    Was she expecting Domino’s to pull a gun on her?

  2. Domino’s needs to implement universal background checks on its customers. I have no doubt that this was not the first such encounter for this customer.

    But you know…………

    The left is trying to make background checks on customers (renters) illegal.

  3. This was on the morning shows I listen to the other day, the daughter was I believe 17, and the mom seems to be a few cards short of a full deck I doubt she would have ever been cleared for a CnC permit. They never mentioned the race of the mom and daughter so… Im going out on a limb here and guessing that they were black, because if a white mom did this you can bet the story would have mentioned it somehow.

  4. Missing chicken + slow refund = gun

    I’m guessing this woman’s last name wasn’t Olson.

  5. City Pages reported the woman claims to have a Permit to Carry.

    First, I don’t believe it’s true.

    Second, if it is true, I want to know who certified her so every other Permit to Carry holder can go slap him upside the head for certifying her.

    Third, whether or not it’s true, where’d she get the gun? I’d be surprised if a woman of color, of her age, living in her neighborhood, was a retail gun customer at Cabellas. Not saying she couldn’t have obtained a Permit to Purchase and passed a background check through a licensed dealer, but since President Obama assured me that it’s easier for urban dwellers to buy a Glock than a computer or even a book, I’m just asking – where’d she get it?

  6. I’m just asking – where’d she get it?

    Chances are she got it out of the waistband of her grandson’s sagging pants.

  7. Well, crap. Looks as if I’m guilty of racial stereotyping. News reporting authorities say she DID have a permit. My bad.

    I still wanna know – who trained this idiot? And who sold it to her?

  8. City Pages reported

    Joe thats your first problem, believing Shitty pages does anything close to resembling reporting, hell the weekly rag is free and I havent picked up a copy in probably 5 years.

  9. Chances are she got it out of the waistband of her grandson’s sagging pants.

    Or her bf’s arsenal.

  10. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that trainers will be able to figure out every idiot and not certify them. You’ve got the reality that everybody has their first arrest, and being a goofball is not a disqualifying trait. Plus, even certified psychiatrists need to formally examine people before diagnosing mental illness.

    This lady could have been “latent”, or could have been just having a really bad, freaky day. Reality is as well that we don’t want to let the left make a mental health exam be a prerequisite for firearms ownership or a carry permit–it will get political so quickly it will make your head spin.

  11. I don’t think that it makes a difference whether the woman had a permit to carry. It’s not as though her actions were legal for a CC holder. Is the argument that she wouldn’t have committed the crime of she did NOT have a concealed carry permit?

  12. This lady could have been “latent”, or could have been just having a really bad, freaky day.

    Ya think? Her wings were missing, BB. Wings! That’s enuf to send anybody over the edge.

  13. Swiftee: :^) Yeah, I’d be more react negatively if someone brought something from Domino’s, not if someone forgot something from there. I hope the worst I’d do is to throw it in the trash.

    Seriously, I’m thinking that as her last name is different from her daughter’s and that daughter still living at home, “relationship difficulties” might be up there, as well as perhaps a related, but undiagnosed, mental illness. Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

  14. The quote from City Pages reads:

    She admitted she had a gun in her glove box and that she had a permit to carry it…”

    So as things stand, if City Pages is to be believed, only the woman, Holly Webb, claims she has a permit. Would she claim anything else?

  15. Maybe I should teach a Journalism 101 course.
    First lesson: people do not self-report accurately,

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