Portrait Of A Narcissist

Jake Patterson – accused kidnapper of Jayme Closs and killer of Closs’ parents – wrote a letter to a KARE reporter claiming he was planning to plead guilty.

To be, apparently, the good guy:

Patterson expressed concern for Closs and her family several times in the letter. Asked about his legal strategy in the case, Patterson wrote that he planned to “plead guilty,” saying he didn’t want Closs or her relatives to have “to worry about a trial.” He also wrote that he confessed in part “so [authorities] didn’t have to interview Jayme. They did anyways and hurt her more for no reason.”

Darn those abusive cops, messing with my sense of charity and compassion.

Patterson also wrote about feeling “huge amounts” of remorse.

“I can’t believe I did this,” he wrote. Later, Patterson added: “It was really stupid though looking back.”

I’d pick “evil” for my adjective.

It is, apparently, all about him:

He disputed telling officials that he planned the attack “thoroughly,” claiming cops only attributed that to him “to cover up their mistakes.” Instead, he wrote that he acted on “impulse” — “I don’t think like a serial killer.” Patterson also assumed he would get caught, though he “thought [it] would happen a lot sooner.”

“I followed [news of the kidnapping] through my phone. If something popped up on TV about it, I would change the channel,” he wrote. [I] Would tell Jayme ‘I’m sorry, I can’t watch this.’ IDK what she knew.”

I oppose the death penalty for precisely one reason – the inevitability of executing the innocent – but there were times the order of my opposition dims a bit. This would be one of them.

Still, Wisconsin has no death penalty, so it’s irrrelevant. With that in mind, I hope psychologists and psychiatrists – the competent ones, if any can be found – have a good long time to analyze Patterson’s mind, and brain, before someone shanks him.

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  1. I’m a believer in the death penalty, but not for this guy. He didn’t kill anyone.
    PoD, he might live on in prison for some time. A prison hit would be paid for by the victim’s family or friends. It’s an ugly business, sin compounded on sin.

  2. MP, what John said, he slaughtered her parents, possibly with her watching. This guy deserves to be slowly tortured to death. Oh, and I have connections, trust me MP, this guy isnt lasting long in prison, convicts do have a code and this guy will have to be in solitary to make it even 6 months..

  3. He’s gonna get the Dahmer treatment. Heck, the guy who killed Dahmer is still in prison and might get another swing of the ol’ metal pipe.

  4. Maybe someone else can say it’s definitely NPD at this point, but for my part, I think that the quality of his repentance (or lack thereof) is going to be shown in how he fesses up to what he did while Miss Klass was in his custody–and how he submits to being studied by those real psychologists and the like so that we can understand a little more about what makes sickos like him tick. If he doesn’t do this, yes, I’m willing to bet my lunch on the NPD hypothesis.

    Since Mr. D. mentions Dahmer, that may be a good example, as he seems to have started to realize the gravity of what he did prior to his murder. I’m not unhappy that Dahmer effectively did get a death penalty, but given that he was starting to come clean on what he did, it is somewhat sad that nobody got to try to figure out what made him tick.

  5. That is, Dahmer realized the gravity of what he had done, not Mr. D.

    (give me H*ll, Mark!) :^)

  6. Yep, your right, I forgot about the parents. Forgive me, I am 6,000 miles from Wisconsin and the story was barely a blip here. So kill the bastard.
    But this is Lent. I can’t help thinking that if we all got what we deserved none of us would be saved.

  7. But this is Lent. I can’t help thinking that if we all got what we deserved none of us would be saved.

    What makes you think any of us will be, MP?
    I got ashed on Wed., but I couldn’t get the stain in the Church off my mind. Never happened before.

  8. I once had an honest epiphany in once. All alone in an empty church. Now this rotten feeling.

  9. Hey, Swiftee, I am LCMS, we do the ashes bit . . . in the LCMS, the congregration owns the local church and its property & endowments. Control is in the hands of a council elected by the members, the pastor is an employee. Not many scandals, or at least the scandals are contained within a congregation.
    Apparently these days you can’t be a Catholic and be a public servant because you will be in thrall to the Pope, and you can’t be LCMS either because then you are an anti-Catholic bigot becaue you believe the Pope is the anti-Christ.
    I would probably convert to Greek Orthodox (maybe Uke Orthodox), but they don’t have a church here.
    I’ve been reading one of C.S. Lewis’s academic works, English Literature in the Sixteenth Century. It’s as much about the evolution of modernism as it is about English lit:

  10. All that is missing is the statement that he hopes to have a relationship and marry Jayme when he gets out of prison.

  11. Just curious — would patterson have been denied permission to buy a gun under MN’s proposed “red flag” law?

  12. Last I’d heard, Patterson had never had any run-ins with the law.

    It seems doubtful.

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