Gun Rights Rally. Saturday.

If you’re a Minnesota 2nd Amendment supporter, it’s go time.

The Gun Owners Caucus is holding the “2019 Rally To Protect The Second Amendment” at the Capitol Rotunda on Saturday morning.

Event starts at 11. Doors open at 10.

If we could get over a thousand people there, it’d send a very powerful message to the DFL in the House.

I’ll be there. I’ll be broadcasting a NARN episode from the last rally, in April – a fairly evergreen one about the imperative for citizens to support the right to keep and bear arms along with all the others.

3 thoughts on “Gun Rights Rally. Saturday.

  1. why is this on a weekday when most supporters are working? The timing makes zero sense.

  2. Seems to me that the station would foot the bill for a live remote, seeing as it’s an issue important to you and your listeners. Especially since you’ve provided them with 20 years of airtime content…FOR FREE.

    But that’s just me sayin.

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