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  1. A Narcissist’s Prayer
    That didn’t happen.
    And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
    And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
    And if it is, that’s not my fault.
    And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
    And if I did
    You deserved it.

  2. And with that, the past five years of Emery’s sins are washed away.

    I’ve gotta use that.

  3. This is nothing to get too worked up about, IMO. A-Klo is on the same trajectory T-Paw flew right into the ditch.

    The reprobate party is in full derangement mode. They want the anti-Trump and Klobuchar ain’t that. The slob that gets the reprobate approval will be whoever can channel Hugo Chavez without actually speaking the S word, or getting filmed wearing a red beret during a campaign speech.

  4. I also have it on very very good authority… wont say who, that she did some shady and flat out illegal stuff back in her days as a prosecutor. Expect that story and those people to come out of the woodwork if her presidential campaign gets any traction.

  5. no, Amy is a lot scummier and more of a low life than the media that protects her would let on. Shes going to get shredded if she ever becomes the focus of a primary debate.

  6. Debates are far more controlled than that – OK, OK, I’ll admit, I don’t watch them, so I deserve any correction you might make – but my point is that, as we are now seeing with the stories of AKlo’s behind-closed-doors behavior, she will get her comeuppance the way that all Democrat in-fighting happens: rumor and innuendo in the headlines.

    And then, if she survives, the very same rumor and innuendo will become property of Republicans.

  7. …and I’m pretty sure her old man, being a ranger, taught her a thing or two about fighting dirty. All the Democrat shenanigans of the last 30 years were practiced and polished on the range going back a 100 or more years.

  8. And then, if she survives, the very same rumor and innuendo will become property of Republicans.

    This past presidential election had the democrat candidate positively DRIPPING with rumor, innuendo, controversy, and scandal. Which should have been property of the Republicans to tar and feather her. Trump went there. The only other one of the 16 that would have possibly gone there was Chris Christie. But he had enough of his own baggage that she could have shot back against him.

    One of my high school classmates became a lawyer. And I distinctly remember her commenting on FB that when AKlo won the senate seat, she was so happy because AKlo could no longer use her position as county attorney to hurt people (apparently knowing what a tyrant she was as RamCo Atty). She was not pleased when I replied, “Now she can use her new position as senator to hurt the entire country.”

  9. Bill C, to be fair name something she has done in the Senate to hurt the country. She is a benign tumor in the race right now. If she starts gaining traction she will become malignant and the oppo research in the party will eat her alive so bad she;ll probably need to resign her Senate seat. Also sidenote, when Amy first won her seat in 2006 you couldnt be on FB unless you had a .edu email. You probably saw it somewhere else.

  10. Benign? POD, she voted for Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Obama budgets and judicial nominees, took part in the Borking of Brett Kavanaugh, shifting Medicaid funds from legitimate medical clinics to Planned Infanticide, underfunding of the military, support of Barack Obama’s spendumore (stimulus) plan….need I go on? She’s like pancreatic cancer; quietly malignant.

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