Ebb Tide

Jason Rarick won the special election in Senate District 11 last night, and did it with a pretty impressive margin in a district that was not only pretty much 50-50, but in which the GOP has never won the Senate seat.

Perhaps it’s a sign that the DFL wave from last fall has dissipated in a welter of the overreach I predicated. The GOP now has a two-vote majority in the Senate.

An interesting sign: organized labor, at least private-sector labor, was working the district hard.

For Rarick.

Didn’t see that coming, I gotta admit.

And perhaps it’s a sign that MInnesota’s real 2nd Amendment groups, which backed Rarick, are actually starting to get their clout back, and see the truth about the (in my opinion) fraudulent, Iowa-based “Minnesota” Gun Rights, which denounced Rarick for no rational reason other than the simple fact that winning would gut their gravy train. Side note: If you donate to Minnesota Gun Rights, you are a sucker and I’ll tell you to your face; you would do less damage giving your money directly to Michael Bloomberg.

Congrats, Jason Rarick!

6 thoughts on “Ebb Tide

  1. A rare beam of Sunshine in an otherwise depressing atmosphere of dingy, institutional blue.


  2. Glad to see this. Really, it’s another one where the question “exactly which crimes would the proposed new gun controls prevent?” comes to mind.

    BTW, I think our gracious host is forgetting someone’s birthday. Ahem. :^)

  3. When I heard this on the other radio show this morning, I almost jumped out of my skin.

    And Mitch, you are correct about those morons at Minnesota Gun Rights. I wonder if there really is a “Ben Dorr” running it?

    They were taking credit for organizing at the capitol a couple of weeks ago.

    I’ve sent them unsubscribes twice and they still keep sending me junk emails.

  4. I heard him interviewed on a podcast. He was a union electrician and then I believe he started his own electrician business. So that’s probably how he got the union support.

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