But Of Course I Trust The Media…

NYTimes  reporter tweets:

Gosh – what do you suppose his angle is going to be?

15 thoughts on “But Of Course I Trust The Media…

  1. If he doesn’t get what he assumes he’ll get there won’t be a story.

    Responses like this: “Well my school taught me to respect others, not have sex out of wedlock, and there was that ten commandments stuff so I don’t kill or steal, I give to my church which in turn supports various charities, and I’ve worked to make sure my marriage stays intact and the kids have two parents in the same house. It’s all good as far I can see.”

    Levin: “Hey editor, this isn’t working out. What’s next?”

  2. I went to Catholic scholl and it was honestly a great experience. I also left the parking lot every day I drove there playing “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” by Offspring. Best part was none of my classmates got I was basically giving them the middle finger by doing that. Bill C can comment on that now as hes sending his kkids to the school I graduated from… almost 15 years ago now. Damn 2020 will be my 15th class reunion…

  3. Reader15 I can tell you that the no sex out of wedlock thing was laughed at in my school, I was probably one of the 25% of graduating seniors in my class who never got any.

  4. Meh. There’s always someone who hated the time they spent at some place; reporter-person (aka a**hole) will have no problem finding “victims” with scary, chin-stroking stories about Christian schools.

    Worth noting (I think) is how this example illustrates exactly when and how the Coastal Elites pay attention to flyover country when they do. It always involves an agenda.

  5. If he doesn’t get what he assumes he’ll get there won’t be a story.

    I’m shocked you would accuse the “free” press of trying to run with a narrative, reader15! That’s never happened before!

    Oh wait:

    Seems to me the NY Slimes is executing a standard CYA after the Covington kids got slandered/libeled by them and their ilk. Mr. Levin will run a story about some obscure students from Christian schools who suffered hardship. Then the NYT can point at the story and claim the attack on the Covington kids was an understandable mistake, as these Christian schools are turning out sociopaths (for example).

  6. While many Christian schools do indeed have their problems, yeah, pretty tacky for the reporter to show his bias up front so blatantly. It reminds me of the old editor’s admonition to junior reporters: “I don’t care if you’re boinking elephants if you don’t write about the zoo!”. Obviously this reporter missed that memo.

  7. I read an article a long time ago, probably 35 years ago, that ridiculed journalism students at Medill, the J-school at Northwestern. It told of a guy who wandered into the Old Orchard Mall in Skokie and told the site manager “Hi, I’m here to do an expose of your shopping mall. Can I ask you a few questions?” That guy is probably now this Dan Levin’s assignment editor.

  8. That termite deleted that tweet, and replaced it with one that included “Positive or negative”, after he started getting a sh1tstorm of positive pushback.

    All my kids went to Christian\Catholic schools. They didn’t necessarily like it at the time (too strict, too much contact between school and parents), but they are unanimous in judging it a good thing now that they’re mature enough to look back at it reasonably.

    The reprobates are after Christian schools because, all evidence to the contrary, they think the Covington kids gave them an opening to destroy the most effective counterpunch to the failed leftist government schools.

    It is perhaps karma then, that a whole squirming pile of leftist propaganda writers got the boot yesterday. Social media was full of tear squirting BuzzHuffWaTimes writers that realize they might be pouring lattes for a long time.

    Boink ’em! 🙂

  9. The irony is most of those schools are still Leftist indoctrinaton centers still. I found my voice as the lone outspoken conservative there (I was pro Iraq war when that was NOT a popular opinion, a lot of students and teachers hated me but I didnt care). I challenged the status quo and was good practice for the rest of my life up until now.

  10. The giveaway that this is a hit job is the #exposechristianschools hashtag. Not interested in Muslim or Jewish religious schools.
    When Bachmann ran for the last time, a Strib reporter put out a twitter call to identify any of the 20 foster kids Bachmann or her husband had cared for. Apparently the reporter couldn’t get a leaker in the MN government to help her out. The idea was that, out of twenty or so foster kids, there must be one, at least, who would talk stink about Bachmann. If no one supplied negative info, no story, and given the sad upbringing of most kids in the foster care system, at least one out of twenty would give the dish the reporter wanted.
    It’s a character assassination technique. I wonder if they teach this at J school, or something you pick up from other “journalists”?

  11. I’m not a New York Times reporter writing about #exposenewyorktimes. Are you in your 20s or younger who worked at the NYT? I’d like to hear about your sexual encounters and what fun it was to just make shit up. Please DM me.

  12. they are unanimous in judging it a good thing now that they’re mature enough to look back at it reasonably.

    And he asked for “20s or younger”. He wants kids who haven’t matured enough to be able to appreciate why Christian schools may have been unpleasant for the teen who isn’t mature enough to realize why the schools are that way, and the benefits the kid received from it.

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