I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it at least once a month until “Protect” MInnesota finally gets laughed out of polite company in this state: the local gun grab group and its arious leaders – the “Reverend” Nancy Nord Bence today, Rep. Heather Martens before her – have never, not once, made a single statement about guns, gun owners, gun laws, gun crime, gun history or the use of firearms that is simultaneously

  • Original
  • Substantial
  • True.

You get plenty of statements where one might be the case, and a few with two out of three. But never, not once, have they made or will they hit all three.


This meme from last week is different, in that it doesn’t even get one out of three completely correct.

They’re fantasizing:

So let’s make sure the stage is set: you’re in a mass shooting, and the shooting is underway.    “Several people have already been shot”, although the writer doesn’t see fit to mention that you could be one of them very, very shortly, here.

The writer doesn’t know much about exposition.

They know less, naturally, about gun laws: when they write “you pull out your gun and rush off to be a hero”, they apparently think Taken is a documentary. For better or worse, it’s bad legal (and, likely, tactical) form to go rushing to the sound of the guns.

Shooters know this.

The “Reverend” Nancy Nord Bence apparently does not.

Of the four resolutions they list?

The shooter sees you and shoots first: you mean, they do what the shooter will likely get around to doing, anyway, given that they’re a spree killer?

Do they really think the would-be “hero” is any worse off under this scenario?

Another good samaritan shoots you by mistake: That’s right – two good guys with guns, both seeing an active shooter, shoot the wrong person. It could happen, in the same sense that Nancy Nord Bence could make a coherent point. Again – given that one is likely going to get killed by the active shooter – which they seem to keep forgetting – I’m hard-pressed to see how the “heroes” are any worse off than if neither was armed.

Police see you “running around” and shoot you anyway: If the “hero” is “running around”, they’re doing it wrong.

You, the hero, shoot an innocent bystander: It could in theory happen. And if it does, the would-be hero would be in deep trouble, if the spree killer in the room doesn’t kill him first.

Thing is, you can look long and hard and never find an example of this happening, because good guys with guns tend overwhelmingly to do the right thing.  

Indeed, except for the cops shooting the “Hero” (it’s happened), neither I nor, let’s be honest, the “Reverend” Nord Bence can think of any examples of any of those happening – certainly nowhere near as many as the heroes who’ve ended mass shootings.

Apparently the “Reverend” Nord Bence thinks it’s better to die quietly.

Why does the “Reverend” hate innocent victims?

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  1. “Eagerness to be a hero”? Screw that, I just want to have a chance to protect myself. Seriously, if I shoot back and stop an “active shooter” I just want to go home afterwards. I won’t be granting any interviews.

  2. Reuters is reporting today that murders in Mexico rise by a third in 2018 to new record, and Schlichter comments

    The Democrats don’t want to block off this bloodbath of a country, but they are very very concerned with disarming law-abiding American citizens

    PS, agreed reader15

  3. The only person who can stop a Bad Guy with a gun is a Good Guy with a gun.

    Cops are Good Guys with guns. They could stop shootings, but Rev. Nancy doesn’t want Good Guys with guns to stop shootings.

    Rev. Nancy doesn’t want cops to stop shootings? She doesn’t think cops are Good Guys? Not sure how Rev. Nancy’s chain of logic works itself out.

    Oh, wait. I used Rev. Nancy and Logic in the same sentence. There’s my problem, right there.

    Never mind.

  4. It strikes me that after over a quarter century of shall issue carry laws in civilized states, Nord-Bence ought to be able to not only come up with hypothetical scenarios, but also to provide statistical evidence for those scenarios being the likeliest outcomes.

    Wonder why it is that she doesn’t? Laziness, or “evidence simply isn’t there”?

  5. Do you remember when that fool shot up the Aurora movie theatre? Mitch pointed out the theatre was a gun-free zone but a certain canine commenter insisted a concealed carrier with a pistol would be worse than useless, endangering innocent bystanders with wild random gunfire. I accused her of leaving theatre patrons sitting quietly, waiting to die. She insisted that was untrue. Her solution: attack him barehanded, using our mad Ninja skilz.

    I wonder what Rev. Nancy’s solution is?

  6. Her solution: attack him barehanded, using our mad Ninja skilz.

    I couldn’t help guffawing at that – as well as her constant references to “fat bald white guys'” various gun “fetishes”.

    Without violating any confidences (I banned her, but I keep my promises, because I am better than that), the last time I saw her she was…not slim. Probably less slim than the guys she was caricaturing.

    Unless she’s dropped a hundo or more, I’m thinking there’s a lot of projection going on. .

  7. Unless she’s dropped a hundo or more, I’m thinking there’s a lot of projection going on. .

    So the nom de guerre was about cooking habits, and the canine that disappeared was a newfie or dire wolf?

    Seriously, even if one isn’t a hundred, or even fifty or twenty, pounds overweight, we’re supposed to be able to take on armed college students and such with our bare hands? Seriously?

  8. “the last time I saw her she was…not slim.”

    Hence her attraction to dogs. A dog can be counted on for unconditional, non judgmental love. Not only do they not care how many mini-pizza’s you had for dinner, they can’t understand English, so they are not offended by insipid stupidity.

  9. I swear. I will never understand your moderation algorithm Mitch. It defies logic.

  10. Swiftee,

    It certainly does. And for some reason, they changed the authentication to get into it so I can’t actually go in and fix it. I may need to just reinstall the whole thing.

  11. Doakes is on to something. Any of the Good Reverend’s “bad endings” would be just as possible if a cop heard gun shots & responded.
    Wasn’t there some Minneapolis cop who got squirelly and shot the person reporting the crime rather than the criminal? And the crime wasn’t even a mass shooting.
    After some recent events, I have given up on assuming good faith on the part of liberals. They want to disarm you so they can send you to a camp & give your stuff away to people they approve of.

  12. At some deep level, reprobate leftists know the truth.

    An armed populous will, eventually put down their reboot of America. Sooner or later, they will tear down that one layer of American tradition that is one layer to deep and those of us that still believe America is a country, not an idea, will say in this you shall go no further. And no further shall they go.

    The armed populous of America not only vastly outnumbers our standing army, they’re actually better equipped and skilled. No, think about it.

    Every weekend, thousands of men head out to shoot milk jugs standing 1000 yds away…for the fun on it. Squad automatic weapons are useless against people you can’t even see. Three gun competitions are wildly popular; they are based on the same training elite forces go through.

    The weapons civilian shooters are using for recreation are vastly superior to the standard government issue M4. (Lets be honest, 3 rnd burst is fun, but hardly a requirement for a reliably lethal combat rifle.) They’re hand built, lavishly customized sporting exquisite optics.

    And the ammo hoards. If you’re not sitting on *at least* 1000 rounds of your favorite caliber and 10,000 rounds of .22, your the odd man out.

    The reprobates don’t recognize this outright; they’re too illiterate on the manual of arms to know the details, but they instinctively know it’s bad for their plans.

    THAT is what’s motivating them.

    You can’t expect intelligent people to believe the same reprobates who wish bloody mayhem on teenage boys because they wear a hat that triggers them, give two fu_cks about children.

    They’d gladly mow down fields of kids to burn the Constitution given the opportunity. (Maybe you didn’t know that openly calling for the repeal of the Bill of Rights and the Electoral College is a thing for leftists, but it is).

    We all hear and read a lot of tough talk, but I have no doubt that many American men and women really are prepared to defend their right to bear arms to the death. It’s not that they love guns per se; it’s the line in the sand those guns represent.

    So Rev. Pence? Keep it up if you want to see armed rebellion, because that’s how you get armed rebellion.

  13. The US military is 3 million people, scattered world-wide and most of them in support positions, not trigger-pullers.

    In 2015, there were 15 million hunting licenses issued nation-wide, every one of them, by definition, a killer. Not all of them will be on our side, of course. But if only 1 in 10 stands with us, the numbers get closer to even. No military force wants even odds and particularly not against insurgents who don’t wear uniforms, don’t depend on a long supply train, don’t stand out from the civilian population.

    Not saying it will be a cakewalk for our side, just pointing out that an attempt to conquer the American people by force of arms is not a cakewalk for their side, either. That war would make the bloodiest war in American history look like a cakewalk.

  14. “most of them in support positions, not trigger-pullers”

    That’s a whole nother issue, Joe. While first acknowledging there are plenty of bad asses in the military, the leftist soy culture has definately infected our warrier culture.

    Last may, Col. Kurt Sonntag was elevated to Maj General and put in command of the Army Special Ops group at Ft. Bragg. Shortly after his arrival, rumors started suggesting that Sonntag was undermining the training and quality of special forces.

    Couple months ago, two non-com trainers went public with the accusation that the feared qualification component (Q Course) that determines who gets into special forces had been severely weakened to allow women to pass it.

    Sonntag responded by drumming the two Sergeants out of the service, and defended his actions by saying that the armed forces were having real trouble meeting recruitment goals and that the special forces were especially hard hit.

    He’s saying that millennials and gen Z are weaklings, but I don’t believe that’s The problem.

    The kids want to fly drones; not eat snakes, but the motivation behind the lowering of standards is clearly driven by PC culture. If you don’t toe that line, you don’t get promoted; if you don’t get promoted, you’re out.

    As you said yesterday Joe, computers are finniky things. Our tech is state of the art, but it dont win wars; it gives an edge to our fighters. Without snake eaters to tell them where to fly, the drones are worthless.

  15. Well, youre in luck, Loren. Big .22 sale right now at
    The beloved Remington Bucket O’ Bullets: 5600 rnds; $260

  16. Mitch,
    So she never provided evidence to support the unscientific notion that a sex change surgery changed the person’s DNA?

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