This Is Modern Academia

Academic writing on foodie site:  “Foodie authenticity-snobbery is racist“.   The concept was good for a masters’ thesis, apparently, which is further evidence of the free fall of the modern academy.

Which occurs to me –  I’d like the writer and so-called “academic” – Sara Kay, which may be the most Brooklyn-hipster nom ever put to plume – to meet Twin Cities author and so-called “journalist” Sara Vogel, author of perhaps the most vapid-yet-vicious bits of autheticity-signaling I’ve ever read ,to get together and hash this out.

They can’t both be right, unless you’re a “progressive”.

7 thoughts on “This Is Modern Academia

  1. Give the girl a break. She’s barely out of college. She went to Grinnell which, as everyone who grew up in Southern Minnesota knows, is in iowa, the only non-capitalized state in the union (because iowa’s residents are so dim, it doesn’t deserve the respect). She’s still in regurgitation mode: listen to the teacher’s drivel, parrot it back, get a good grade . . . no thought required.

    As for her thesis, well, she studied Yelp reviews to measure racism. That’s like studying Twitter to measure IQ, or studying prayer to count how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. In all three cases, the tool being used has no obvious relation to the subject being studied, and the subject being studied is impossible to define, if it exists at all.

    Give her this much: she’s making a living at it. That’s a lot better than many of her peers.

  2. Regarding the thesis, I’m at a loss. Has this woman never deliberately chosen a “dive” restaurant because she knows that cook will have ample reason to do something spectacular in the kitchen?

  3. This headline seem ripped from the Onion or Babylon Bee

    Yelp Reviewers’ Authenticity Fetish Is White Supremacy in Action

    Can anybody with two brain cells read that without laughing at how mind numbingly insane it is?

  4. She’s still in regurgitation mode: listen to the teacher’s drivel, parrot it back, get a good grade . . . no thought required.

    And that is why Im a college dropout, I couldnt do that. Id rather challenge and laugh at the teacher and their stupid theories

  5. According to a study of Yelp reviews for NYC restaurants

    So, this 1/4 wit admits that leftist sh1tholes are hotbeds of racism and White Supremacy™. Further, since Yelp is pretty much the tool of Millennials, she tacitly declares her cohort are every bit as virulent as their old, busted Boomer parents. #Sad

    Fearlessly, on we dive…

    “There are 17 million restaurant reviews on Yelp from over 30 different countries. Of course, not all of these reviews support white supremacy…

    I bet she’s a real blast at parties. Odds are 1/100 that she has already started collecting cats.

  6. A guy might tolerate a one night stand but she aint having kids, which is a positive for humanity.

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