Pour Le Encourager Les Autres”

Black transgender Minneapolis City Councilor was chastised by a barista at a southside coffee shop. The barista, who apparently didn’t know his place on the intersectional plantation, was sacked.

A friend of the blog writes, quoting the Strib  article:

“My intent is to help them and the broader community understand each other’s roles and how to be better community members.”
But, don’t take time to understand the new barista and what he might have thought. Don’t take any moment at all. Just fire him. That’ll make him understand his role..

Intersectional gobbledigook and virtue-defense follows in the Strib article.

I get the intended sarcasm – but yes. It did convey the role, if not of the barista, then of every other person living and working in Minneapolis. “For the encouragement of the others”.

6 thoughts on “Pour Le Encourager Les Autres”

  1. Meanwhile, on the other side of the intersectional twilight zone, I read that Hennepin County elected a new sheriff.

    He’s morbidly obese, never rose beyond Sargeant in 22 years of being a cop. So what gives?

    He lives with his husband in Bloomington. Ah yes.

    So what’s the new Sheriff do in his first day? Well, first off to Maple Grove to shoot an Uzi pistol. Then to the county jail to make sure the tranny inmates are comfortable. No, I kid you not.


    It’s so enjoyable to watch this gathering clusterfuck from afar, and not have to worry about it. I’m guessing y’all’s living conditions will be on par with San Francisco and Seattle within 10 years.

  2. To quote the great Malvina Renolds:

    Do you think you’ve hit bottom?
    Do you think you’ve hit bottom?
    Oh, no
    There’s a bottom below

  3. New Hennco sheriff looks like he’s a Chicago cop with that much experience–Chicago got that by imposing a physical fitness test only at the beginning of service. I’m not saying we need to be imposing strict weight limits on everyone, but maybe….just maybe….if your gut is so big that no tactical vest will protect you, and if your tuckus is so gigantic you won’t fit in a police cruiser, you ought to lose weight or consider a different career? Just sayin’.

    And yeah, 22 years on transit police while never advancing much seems like a pretty mediocre record for a big county sheriff. For that matter, pretty mediocre record for a small county sheriff.

    Same basic principle with the city council member. Didn’t public office used to have something to do with life achievement, conquering your challenges, and such? Seems that basic victimhood seems to be replacing it.

  4. Hutch is gay? I wasn’t aware of this. That completely explains his win over Stanek. The same 80% majority who voted for a radical Muslim spousal abuser who was actually convicted of crimes as Attorney General, and an incestuous (on paper) racist refugee from a 3rd world shithole nation to represent them in Washington DC, would need absolutely no more reason to vote Stanek out than “the new guy is gay”.

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