Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours!

It’s gonna be a light posting day, as this whole holiday season has been.

But to tide you and the world over until tomorrow, here’s a good New Years resolution from Amy Alkon:

Now, go out and smack the world and the year upside the head with some kindness.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I’ve been on vacation for 10 days. Hunting, shooting skeet & trap, seeing music shows, entertaining family, cooking and eating wonderful food, riding my trusty motorcycle, driving my hot rod, visiting friends and sharing good beer with them, wood carving, playing with my dogs, working on my wonderful house.

    There isn’t a single thing my life lacks; nothing. And at this point, there isn’t anything more I can foresee needing in the future.

    So, my New Year’s resolution from now on, will be to keep at bay the enemies, foreign and domestic, that would seek to take from me and mine that which I have worked so hard to achieve.

    I hope your lives are as rewarding, and will continue to be so.

  2. Swiftee: could happen to a nicer guy! (Sincerely). And I’m with ya.

    MP: She is a tad pale. It’s often part of her schtick. But Amy’s one of my favorite interviews ever.

  3. Regarding her thesis, I’m all for kindness, but ~40 years of reading National Geographic reminds me that in those primitive hunter/gatherer societies, I rarely saw an image of someone with gray hair. In other words, count me skeptical of the notion that the weak and infirm are generally protected in those societies. If they were, you’d see more gray hair.

    And hence I have to doubt, seriously, any evolutionary hypothesis that would enshrine kindness. Certainly it isn’t what we see among herd/pack animals like elk, bison, wolves, lions, chimpanzees, and gorillas, where the old and weak are often kicked out of the group, and where lifespans in captivity are routinely 20-40% longer than those in the wild.

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