America’s Conservative Pundits Called. She Answered.

Elizabeth Warren forms a 2020 Exploratory.

I give her a 1/1024 chance of winning.

Here’s the vehicle in which she plans to travel between her series of town hall meetings

Oh, I’m just getting started.

11 thoughts on “America’s Conservative Pundits Called. She Answered.

  1. I think she has a better chance than 1/1024. As for her campaign vehicle, I assume she’ll opt for the traditional Winnebago.

  2. She’s already had her Dukakis moment, saying to a crowd that she was “gonna get me a beer”


  3. I don’t think she’s a very good candidate, but as far as I can tell political insanity has achieved a critical mass as of this last election. The election of nutcases like Ilhan, AOC or RashidaTlaib; the re-election of Pelosi as Speaker, the proposed impeachment of Trump, the proposed amendent to get rid of the Electoral College… these are not times to assume that a political grifter like Warren can’t continue to be successful.

  4. She thinks she is a female Bernie Sanders, if it wasnt for the idiotic Indian stuff she could have been.

  5. Slow white Bronco? Has she killed an ex-spouse and a waiter when I wasn’t watching or something? Got off because the investigating detective used a racial slur about her or…..?

    I’m thinking the “Cherokee” is (at least I hope) more appropriate. I think the “Mustang” would also be, seeing that’s a breed that was used on the Plains as well.

  6. POD; she might have a better future in politics if she’d never come up with the “Indian heritage” nonsense, but that noted, she probably wouldn’t have gotten her job at Harvard if she had not. Catch-22, no?

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