Promises As Empty As A Fiberglass Tube

The city of Baltimore held a gun buy-back earlier this week.

They spent a bunch of money.

And the mayor thought she had something to crow about:

She did not.

It’s a spent tube from a military “AT-4” anti-tank weapon. I emphasize – spent. It’s been fired – so all it really is now is a fiberglass tube with some miscellaneous parts and hardware. The only thing it’ll ever launch is flowers – but only if you tip it up on end and fill it with dirt and seeds.

And they can be had for about half what the city of Baltimore paid for it – $500.

8 thoughts on “Promises As Empty As A Fiberglass Tube

  1. Big city mayors always find law-abiding white guys are real perps when minorities shoot each other. Great way to deflect blame from the political office holders who have the job of controlling crime & protecting citizens’ lives and property.

  2. Leftist reprobates make much of Trump’s penchant for making false statements. I aver tis annoying, but his BS revolves around his ego; not my life.

    The reprobates, on the other hand, lie about stuff that directly, and negatively, impacts my life.

    Next thing you know, they’ll be raising a fuss out of my Nike missile lawn decoration.

  3. It reminds me of how leftist media personalities are so often utterly clueless about “guns” but almost proud of it. I recall when Dan Barreiro (KFAN sports talk show host) took off on a rant after one of the school shootings which indicated he clearly knew little or nothing about the difference between semi-auto and full auto weapons. Mentioning that little detail was just being picky, even after being told that full auto weapons are already under very strict controls to the point of being nearly illegal.

  4. Well, jdm, you have to remember that Barriero is a Chicago transplant, so he’s probably only familiar with gang bangers with “9s.”

  5. I was at a North Minneapolis gun “buy-back” and watched a guy sell them a 2×4 with a pipe barrel and nail firing pin. He called it a slam-fire shotgun and the cops agreed – he got paid. Just so happens I know the guy: middle aged white male with a graduate degree and his own business in a nice neighborhood. The sale improved the quality of life in North Minneapolis by less than zero (diverted funds that could have gone to a troubled youth wanting to turn in his gang-banging weapon to leave his life of crime . . . if any had showed up, which they didn’t).

    I made a point of thanking the officers for buying my scrap metal pistols so I could afford a new assault rifle. They were not amused.

  6. Yea, JD. Some LEOs have no sense of humor. Having a relative in that profession, I have asked him on several occasions how we get past their “us versus them” mentality. I haven’t received an answer.

  7. The elites blame their failures on the people. That kind of a situation won’t last long in a democracy, but of course the elites realize this and will respond by trying to make government less democratic. In practice this means that the origin of more and more laws and regulations will be the courts and bureaucrats.
    Look familiar?
    Lois Lehrner, a bureaucrat guilty of illegally discriminating against citizens based on their political leanings, for which the IRS paid out a huge settlement in taxpayer bucks, was not only not prosecuted, she retired with her full pension. She lives in a home in a wealthy DC suburb, the kind of home that the people whose political donations she conspired to deny tax exempt status can only dream of living in.

  8. Paul Mirengoff at Powerline gives a beautiful example of how the process works:
    France’s Yellowjackets are a genuine popular revolt against green taxes on the common man intended to fight global warming. Macron, being a politician, and so subject to democratic pressure, gives in . . . but not so fast! environmentalist NGO’s, who represent no one but themselves, e.g. they are an internationalist faction, appeal to French judges to over rule Macron’s caving to democratic pressure. The judges who will hear the case are not elected, they are career civil servants with constitutional protection from elected office holders like Macron, they do not even have to be French citizens.
    The French are apparently no longer a Republic. They are governed by international NGO’s and unaccountable civil servants.

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