“Die, Apostates!”

I’ve observed in the past that there’s nothing Big Left hates more than one of “their” constituents – women, minorities (other than Asians), gays and the like – leaving the proverbial Progressive Plantation. 

It’s not uncommon;  religious fundamentalists frequently hate apostates worse than infidels (see also – the danger involved in being a “Moderate” Muslim).  

Of course, some of the apostates are noticing it, too.

There’s a reason for those, of course; it’s absolutely true

7 thoughts on ““Die, Apostates!”

  1. Interesting piece by Greene, and pretty much spot on, which is why it draws a reflexive lash-back from the enlightened left. Reminds me of the time I was outed as a conservative at work. “But, but, you’re such a nice guy,” one co-worker said.

    To the deeper point, the left should be concerned by this tendency. Case in point, the yellow vests in France. Despite the origins of the protest, the yellow vests are not philosophical cousins of the American Tea Party. Most of them are just fine with higher taxes; they just want other people to pay them. If events continue to escalate, the State is going to respond the same way as it ultimately does to any heterodoxy, no matter how “protected” a minority you think you are.

  2. conservative rag The Federalist

    Thats like saying the reason ther Nation Review shut down is because there were too many Trump lovers writing for them and not enough #NeverTump writers

  3. From the Deadspin article, (sidenote, deadspin, which I love for sports, or its affiliates writing about politics is like Mitch attempting to put together a logical, coherent sports post. Painfu, never going to happen, and stick with what you are good at dude)

    but conservative gays using their sexuality as a means to defend their abhorrent views have become more and more common as queers win more widespread acceptance. (Some possibly relevant personal background: I identified as a gay male during my teen years, but now I’m probably more like trans female or genderqueer or something more fun like that.)

    Only someone who has that big of a personal identity issue could come up with such garbage.

  4. possibly relevant personal background: I identified as a gay male during my teen years, but now I’m probably more like trans female or genderqueer or something more fun like that.)

    Liberalism is a chronic mental disease, that gets worse the longer it goes untreated.

    The sooner we can tie them to posts out in the desert, for a period of reflection and healing, the better their chances of recovery.

  5. On the question of homosexuals joining with conservatives, I’m all for it with a couple of caveats.

    First off, I’m going to ignore the cost in lives and treasure AIDS causes; it’s a topic on it’s own.

    Homosexuality is a dysfunction. It may be genetic, it may be caused by environment or it may be a combination of both. There are people with all manner of mental issues leading successful, productive lives…homos included. Long as they’re not preying on young boys, it’s not really an issue.

    I really don’t care what people like to do in the sack, go for it, but I don’t want to hear about it. But it’s a verified fact that homosexuals lead chaotic lives. It’s no place for kids, so if you’ve dragged one into your circus, I’m out.

    Other than that, welcome aboard!

  6. It’s an interesting fact that when you get advocates for any number of causes together, the movement suddenly starts to insist that nothing less than 100% agreement is sufficient for membership in the club. And then they wonder why they don’t get traction on the issues they’re passionate about.

    Come to think of it, I’m kinda glad for that, and hopefully I can make sure that I can work with 90% agreement on a lot of issues to form coalitions to make real progress. All we need to do is to note that we don’t kick you out of the club when you waffle on one little issue.

  7. Good points, bb.

    I asked a conservative Jewish friend of mine why so many Jews are liberal Democrats, when they are now paralleling German
    Society in 1939 – 44. He laughed and said that those people are liberals first and Jews second.

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