It’s OK, Folks – They’re White “Progressive” Women…

Comedian Kevin Hart was dropped from hosting the Oscars over a bunch of “homophobic” tweets from long, long ago.

Given the record of many Oscar hosts in recent years, it may have been the best thing to happen to him – but I digress.

Comic Nick Cannon – famously un-PC comic that he is – came to his fellow comic’s defense against, pointing out similar similar/worse transactions by three of the whitest women in the business:

A sample:

So as the left has shown us in the past year, an “entertainer” or politician can get away with groping women, verbally and physically abusing them, and the sort of homophobia and sexism that gets ushered firmly away from the mic at any GOP event – provided they bring the power or the visibility Big Left needs.

12 thoughts on “It’s OK, Folks – They’re White “Progressive” Women…

  1. Hollywood eating it’s own? Oh yeah, I encourage that behavior.

    More disturbing, by far, is the growing habit of leftist media scanning the horizon for *anyone* celebrating a noteworthy success, and then going on a deep dive for an outrage to denounce them with.

    Case in point.
    Kyler Murray, quarterback for the OK Sooners, has been chosen to receive the Heisman trophy. Less than 48 hours later, a scumbag reporter for USA today published the results of his fisking of Murray’s twitter feed.

    Turns out, 7 years ago Murray posted some disparaging remarks regarding men who engage in butseks…He was 14 at the time.

    I don’t know anything about Murray. I don’t follow sportsball at all. But I *do* know less than 100 people have ever won the Heisman; it’s the Nobel of football. Its a real achievement.

    If leftist reprobates continue down this path, they’ll lose the Negro vote. They may not vote GOP, at least not right away, but in a signifigant segment of “the community”, voting Democrat will become as criminal as speaking polished English or acing a math test.

    They have already tipped the scales against USA Today…

    It also legitimizes questions about their deep pockets. For instance, what about 14 year old George Soros’ collaboration with the SS? I think its time to revisit that bit of personal history.

  2. That bitch hasnt been funny since the comedy central show she was on was cancelled. Ive never heard that word to describe a lesbian either.

  3. Turns out, 7 years ago Murray posted some disparaging remarks regarding men who engage in butseks…He was 14 at the time.

    Since the Kavanaugh hearing age doesnt matter. The Left and Right used to feel anything anyone did under 18 wasnt to be brought up because kids are dumb and do dumb stuff. Now only the right believes that.

  4. POD – you make a great point. I also wonder why, if he and people he cared about thought he may be in the running for the Heisman, did someone not go through his account and sanitize it.

  5. smh
    you’re right, indisputably Christine Ford had professional (Google) help sanitizing her web presence before her “honest” testimony before the Senate

    Anyone who thinks they are about to show up on the MSM radar should have that as #1 on their pre-fame checklist

  6. I can’t wait until Arlo Guthrie gets it for the line from Alice’s Restaurant, and if two people sing it, in harmony, they’ll think they’re both…. and won’t take either of them.

    Honestly, if doing stupid stuff in high school or before means that one is going to be humiliated in public life, just line us all up and shoot us and get it over with already.

  7. I probably wouldn’t tap that, POD; certianly not after she opened her pie hole.

    But there’s nothing wrong with looking.

  8. Kyler Murray should release a statement: “I regret the hurtful tweets I sent when I was 14. I’m not the same person now that I was then. If I were the same person, my response would be, ‘Eat me.'”

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