The Invisible Trigger Finger

Dick’s Sporting Goods signals virtue, drops all “AR”-pattern rifles from its inventory, accompanied with a tsunami of smug.

Shooters groups promise a boycott.

The boycott works:

Dick’s Sporting Goods took a firm, anti-gun stance. Oh, it’ll still sell guns, but it’ll only sell “approved” guns, the kind that anti-gunners generally pretend are fine. At least until they get around to demanding those be banned too.

When Dick’s made its announcement that it would not sell AR-15s at any of its stores going forward and that it would discriminate against legal adults looking to buy long guns, gun rights advocates called for a boycott. It was answered. So much so that the company has been reeling from the lost revenues.

It’s now to the point that the company is considering cutting out all of its hunting merchandise.

The CEO for the sporting goods retailer said Thursday that the company was doing a trial run in 10 locations, pulling all hunting merchandise and replacing it with other items.

“Though it’s too early to discuss performance, we’re optimistic these changes will better serve the athletes in these communities,” Dick’s CEO Edward Stack said in a conference call, as reported by JSOnline.

The reason for the new approach may be because sales in that department have plummeted across all of Dick’s 732 stores.

“Specific to hunt, in addition to the strategic decisions made regarding firearms earlier this year, sales continued to be negatively impacted by double-digit declines in hunt and electronics,” said Lee Belitsky, chief financial officer.

By “strategic decisions” Belitsky is referring to the company’s announcement in the wake of the February massacre in Parkland, Florida that it would no longer sell guns to adults under the age of 21 and that it would not only stop selling but destroy its existing inventory of modern sporting rifles at its 35 Field & Stream locations.

The grabbers can buy o=all the media they want – but they don’t control the market.

Which is, of course, why they’re trying to destroy the market.

13 thoughts on “The Invisible Trigger Finger

  1. If I were an NRA member paying my dues, I’d wonder why all this money was being paid into companies controlled by NRA insiders or benefiting them.

    NRA Awarded Contracts to Firms With Ties to Top Officials
    New filings from the National Rifle Association reveal that the gun-rights group directed millions of dollars over several years to people with close ties to the group, including former top officials.

  2. Yea, EI, welcome to the 21st century. This has been going on for decades. Of course, I’m sure that you had no problem with Barackus Obamanus I, funneling taxpayer’s money to Solyndra, because the CEO was a big Democrat donor and bundler. But, stay with your double standards.

  3. Trump borrows $12 billion from China and EU to subsidize impact of US trade war against China and EU. Starting to look like an emerging market. The spoils are given to political backers and key support bases while the majority of the population loses out. 

  4. I no longer pay dues to the NRA. I’m a Life Member. One of the proudest days of my life was the day I could afford to write that check.

    I wish the NRA would spend MORE money on companies controlled by strong Second Amendment supporters. Don’t spend a single penny on Dick’s Sporting Goods because they’ve proven they’ll shoot us in the back to curry favor with haters. Don’t spend it at First National Bank of Omaha, United Airlines, Symantec computer, National Car Rental or any of the other businesses more interested in avoiding controversy than doing right.

    The danger I face as an NRA member is not NRA cronyism; the danger is Liberals killing the Second Amendment by the death of a thousand cuts.

    One of the biggest risks facing patriots is the credit and banking industry refusing to participate in gun purchases. I wish the NRA would buy a bank that has the ability to do wire transfers and issue credit cards. I would carry that card in my wallet and would make all my firearms purchases through First Bank of NRA. And I hope the people in charge of that bank are not Liberal bankers who will jerk the rug out from under us at the first hysterical tweet, but red-blooded patriots who will resolutely defend our right to defend ourselves.

  5. A family friend is a manager for Dick’s, and while I support the boycott, it’s sad to see the victims of their idiotic decision.

  6. NW
    oh is emery back? I didn’t notice, maybe its these new FOX sunglasses I’m wearing

  7. I wonder why there are no share holder revolts at companies that make a pledge to not serve their customers needs. It’s useless & often hypocritical moral posturing that hits the bottom line. For example CVS drug stores stopped selling tobacco products, but they continue to sell rot-gut liquor and junk food.

  8. Worth noting is that when I perused the listings for rifles sold at Dick’s, the only semi-autos that come up are .22s like the Ruger 10/22. In other words, they’ve gotten rid of not only Armalite-based models, but pretty much everything. And that’s going to hit not only their hunting section, but also footwear, camping….ouch.

  9. Meanwhile, another retailer that caters to outdoor activities enthusiasts, Overton’s, has opened in the old Gander Mountain store in Eden Prairie. There stuff is a bit pricey, but excellent quality.

  10. I was a perennial Gold member with Delta. Stopped doing business with them when they slandered me (I *am* the NRA mfer).

    Like Joe, I’m a life member, and I send them plenty every year to fight my fights.

    Just got notified of my first status award from American.

    Dicks was never much of a firearms dealer. Their blunder just made a bad situation worse.

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