‘Splain Me This

Ever wonder what the protcol is for explaining things to women, if you’re a man, without being accused of “mansplaining”?

A professor – I know, contain your shock, right – heard your, er, “plea”:

Er, yeah, Ms. Goodwin. I’m sure you did.

Anyway, here’s the chart.

Apparently in Ms. Goodwin’s world, people grow infallible with experience, and should not be questioned by (male) underlings (no word if it cuts both ways – if a woman with less experience should “just stop talking now” when the guy outranks her?

As Dennis Prager says, it takes an elite education to be this stupid…

11 thoughts on “‘Splain Me This

  1. from her picture she doesnt have to worry about many guys mansplaining to her.

  2. Now, reverse the genders. Is the graph still true?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!! A man never has the right to tell a woman to “Just stop talking now.”

  3. Very handy. I may clip and save it to explain why I’m no longer interested in mentoring young female lawyers.

    Young male lawyers tend to accept mentoring because their primitive lizard brains recognize an elder imparting wisdom. They may not like it, but they put up with it.

    Young female lawyers tend to see an Old White Man who is Oppressing Them with Patriarchal Logical Reasoning, which is Insensitive and Uncaring to their Feelings about how they wish the law ought to be. And God help anybody whose eyes stray. I’m too old to start a new career because a well-intentioned effort is misinterpreted and unappreciated.

    Sorry if that has an adverse impact on your career, ladies. You can thank your shrill and bitter peers.

  4. Also, notice the one thing the chart fails to ask: “Is she wrong?”

    Woman: “The Sun goes around the Earth while the Earth stands still.”

    Man: “No, that’s backward. The Earth moves around the Sun.”

    Woman: “I didn’t ask you. I am an elementary school teacher with a college degree and years of experience. I won Teacher of the Year making me a recognized expert. Just stop talking now. The Earth stands still.”

    Man: “And yet, it moves.”

  5. Let me get this straight:

    – Feminists ask to be treated as men’s equals.
    – Men start to treat women as equals. When men explain things to men, we spend less time worrying about things like feelings, our tone, etc.
    – Feminists complain of “mansplaining”, ask for men to dial it down and treat them differently?

  6. If we take that chart at its word, science is dead since you can’t question those who are “experts.”

    Oh wait, I forgot that science is a white, patriarchal, oppressive structure that must be torn down.

  7. Also, notice the one thing the chart fails to ask: “Is she wrong?”

    Erin Maye Quade: “Owning a gun is more dangerous than not owning a gun, and the “good guy with a gun” thing is complete fiction”.

    Mitch: “The first claims is correlation with the wrong figures. As to the second, I’ve been documenting cases to the contrary for a decade and a half”

    Erin Maye Quade: “I was a state representative, and I may well be the public safety commissioner soon”.

    Mitch: But you’re still objectively wrong…

    Erin Maye Quade: “Mansplainer!”

  8. Some day, archaeologists will dig up artifacts of our civilization, maybe an SR71 Blackbird, and ask “What happened to these people?”

  9. And then they will look at the ruins of DC and say “Oh… they put retgarded people in charge.”

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