The Exposed Inner Id Of The Metrocrats

So Minnesota will have a new Speaker of the House – Melissa Hortman, longtime DFL extreme Metrocrat.

How extreme?

What do you suppose her first priority is going to be?  Minnesota’s fragile rural economy?  Crumbling infrastructure?  Our rural-urban educational divide?

How naive of you:

The new speaker, Rep. Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, said gun-violence prevention is priority No. 1

Minnesota already has among the lowest homicide rates, with or without firearms, of any state – and perhaps the lowest of any state with a major metro area in it.

We must be doing something right, right?

No – they’re answering to the master that put them in office: Bloomberg and the rest of the Democrat plutocrats with deep pockets.

If you’re a Minnesota gun owner or someone who cares about the Second Amendment, it’s that time again:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus needs you to get involved.  Go sign up.  Become a sustaining member.   The MNGOC is the group doing all the work for 2nd Amendment rights in Minnesota.

This is one of those “Their Finest Hour” moments.  But they don’t happen on their own.

9 thoughts on “The Exposed Inner Id Of The Metrocrats

  1. Gun safety is way down on the list of voter priorities. Far below illegal immigration, for example.
    It’s high on the progressive list of priorities because they can use gun safety as a means to deprivilge the hated white male demographic. Almost all gun violence is minority-on-minority gun violence. Nothing in the liberal gun agenda will reduce that. Banning assault weapons affects hunters & sportsmen. It doesn’t do anything about minority-on-minority gun violence, to do something about that would mean sending more young black and hispanic men to jail.

  2. What’s legislatively passable at this moment given some Republican cooperation is a low grade universal background check. And this was also the Walz platform on guns.

    Its ‘low grade’, because universal background check, for now, is going to have to be imagined in some way that does not have a registration requirement. A registration component won’t pass.

  3. Woolly: That wall is never going up. It’s a waste of money. How are you going to pay for it? We are experiencing a massive deficit this year despite a strong economy. The GOP is so poor at managing money that they have left the US treasury stuck borrowing over a trillion dollars this year alone.

  4. I’m all for gun safety. I think a lot of it has to do with (a) putting criminals in jail or in the ground where they belong and (b) dealing with causes of depression.

    Oh, the Democrats aren’t for that? Why not?

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