Wait – Back It Up Again. You Mean…Ilhan Omar Lied?

“Jewish Leaders” in the Twin Cities – who vote overwhelmingly Democrat, and likely played the role they needed to play in getting her elected last week – express dismay that Ilhan “Minnesota Socialist Barbie” Omar lied through her impeccable teeth at them:

U.S. Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar this week reaffirmed her support for a pro-Palestinian movement to pressure Israel, rankling Jewish community leaders who say she contradicted remarks made at an August candidates forum.

Omar’s office told the website MuslimGirl.com on Sunday that she supported the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel but expressed “reservations on the effectiveness of the movement in accomplishing a lasting solution.” The Minnesota Democrat later reiterated her position in a series of text messages exchanged with a reporter for TC Jewfolk that were posted on its local news site.

Jewish community leaders previously expressed optimism after Omar criticized the BDS movement during an Aug. 6 Democratic candidates forum at Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park — about a week before Omar defeated four other candidates in the party’s primary. Omar said she supported a two-state solution in the Israel-Palestine conflict and that the BDS movement wasn’t helpful in trying to achieve that goal. Pressed by moderator Mary Lahammer to specify “exactly where you stand on that,” Omar replied that the BDS movement was “counteractive” because it stopped both sides from coming together for “a conversation about how that’s going to be possible.”

Why, it’s almost as if she knew she’d never be held accountable for any lies she tells to get elected.

How might this have manifested itself elsewhere in her life?


If only we had an institution – perhaps one with printing presses, and transmitters – staffed by people who considered “telling the truth about politicians to people” to be a monastic calling, or something like that?

20 thoughts on “Wait – Back It Up Again. You Mean…Ilhan Omar Lied?

  1. Every year in the comic strip Peanuts, Lucy Van Pelt offered to hold the football for good ol’ Charlie Brown while he place kicked. And every year she yanked it away at the last moment.

  2. The good news — based on her career to date, I assume Omar will be more assiduous in cultivating opportunities for graft than in actually (or even actively) pursuing her antisemitism. So there’s that.

  3. Those 1/4 wits were down on multiple fronts. 1st, as a Muslim, she is allowed to lie to infidels. 2nd, as a black woman, she is allowed to lie to anyone. 3rd, as an immigrant, she is allowed to lie to any questioning authority.

    The whole time she was answering their questions, Im sure she was visualizing the walls decorated with their bloody heads.

  4. You’re right, Mr. D.

    Memaw Clinton’s head is gonna spin watching that girl rake it in. She’ll have her Mogadishu office handle all of her finances.

    But I don’t get it. There’s a lot of evidence suggesting she married her brother to commit immigration fraud, and I’m sure both she and her husband/brother commited fraud to get the government to guarantee their student loans.

    Why isn’t ICE & the DOJ investigating her?

  5. “Why isn’t ICE & the DOJ investigating her?”
    to paraphrase;
    “Forget it, Swiftee. Its Minnesota”

  6. if it is proven sher married her brother to commit immigration fraud she will be serving the rest of her time in Congress from a Federal prison.

  7. No, POD, unfortunately she won’t… our country/society has reached the stage where the consequences of breaking the law are evaluated on who that person is. Hillary! Clinton is the biggest and best-est example, but it’s all happening on a daily basis as well.

  8. I still have faith in our justice system JDM. Call me crazy but I do. She doesnt weild the power the Clintons do and playing the race, gender and religion card wont work for her.

  9. There’s basically a liberal speech embargo in effect now that prevents discussion of her marrying her brother.

    With her in congress, I do expect circumstances will at a point make her brother marriage ‘provable’ such that the liberal speech embargo is broken this is acknowledged as the truth. Doesn’t mean she wont serve ten terms as the cd5 rep though…

    There ought to be a demand for her to release her tax returns. Its hard to imagine shes not filing married/joint, and shes never actually been married to her ‘real’ husband.

  10. It’s OK, PoD; I accept your perspective and more power to you. I’m just old and cynical and the last few years have made me quite pessimistic. The ongoing election shenanigans in FL, GA and AZ – along with all the less reported incidences like the arrests in TX – have not helped.

  11. swiftee
    this (Chinatown inspired) dialog is what I had in mind:

    Ilhan Omar: He’s my husband.
    [Swiftee slaps Ilhan]
    Swiftee: I said I want the truth!
    Ilhan Omar: He’s my brother…
    Ilhan Omar: He’s my husband…
    Ilhan Omar: My brother, my husband.
    [More slaps]
    Swiftee: I said I want the truth!
    Ilhan Omar: He’s my brother AND my husband!

  12. The Democrat party has moved so far Left that it can no longer say that any immigration laws should be enforced. If you let HIV positive people in, how can you keep people with TB out?
    If you ever get a chance, ask a Democrat politician who should not be allowed to emigrate to the US. Ask them who should be deported. Individual Democrats might come up with a short list, but only because the individual Democrat won’t be held responsible for what they say. Any Democrat politician knows that the Dem thought police will destroy them if they say ANYONE should be barred from emigrating to the US or be deported.
    The only exception will be nazi war criminals, and those are getting to be as rare as hens teeth.

  13. I suspect Woolly was a phrenologist in a previous life.

    The principal foreign policy concern of the US Congress is the security of Israel. The next level of concern might be best described as ancillary. This is mostly because Israel is small and the threats are immediate and probably existential. The entire foreign policy of the US with regard to the 1.8 billion Muslim world is oriented around the precedence of this priority. “Oil” is just an excuse used by American foreign policy elites to justify endless involvement in the Middle East.

  14. “The principal foreign policy concern “
    Well emery, that’s a pungent little bit of pseudo-intellectual antisemitism. Where did you copy that from?

  15. In contrast to the Congress, the Pentagon, representing the military-industrial complex, wants to reorient US defense thinking towards nation state rivalry with Russia and China and large weapons systems and substantial conventional forces–which is what it wants to do. The Pentagon no longer feels counter-terrorism provides sufficient budget motivation to justify a trillion dollar a year defense budget. And the American public has soured on intervention-based wars in the Greater Middle East. New justifications must be found and sold to the public, preferably through fear-based marketing programs. 

    So Washington is institutionally divided while the White House policy apparatus oscillates wildly between the gyrations of Jared Kushner and John Bolton. And now Melania Trump is apparently reprising the role of Madame Chang-Kai-Shek. What could go wrong?

  16. “In contrast to the Congress…”
    Emery, yet another exercise in baseless fabulism – having Ilhan Omar as your rep in congress must be the ne plus ultra of political life for you

  17. Trump’s visit to Paris for the centenary celebrations was a beautiful lesson in clarity for all who were watching. Trump doesn’t know Europe from the Balkans to the Baltics and has no idea of what the battles fought in eastern France over a hundred years ago were all about. Utterly clueless.

    This is a great time for Europeans to be truly European and think about what Europe’s interests are. Charles de Gaulle dreamed about opportunities like this. 

  18. “Trump’s visit to Paris…”
    Emery I’m sure your new representative Ilhan Omar would have done a much better job than Trump, given her broad international experience and deep scholarly knowledge of Europe and it history. Do you think Ms Omar will be as good on domestic issues?

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