But Don’t DARE Say There’s Election Fraud

Florida candidate tweets out an explicit solicitation to election fraud:

Tweet was removed. Of course.

When Dems talk about “vote suppression?” They’re projecting. Every f*****g time.

19 thoughts on “But Don’t DARE Say There’s Election Fraud

  1. What a bunch of amateurs. The way to do it is to obtain hundreds of absentee ballots before the election and complete them signing names gleaned from the obituaries and felony court records (people you know won’t show up to vote in person), then stack the fully-completed ballots in boxes in a corner of the polling place. If the actual count for your candidate comes up “short,” you just “discover” a few more boxes.

    Geez, people, Minnesota Democrats gave lessons during the Franken fiasco. Weren’t you paying attention?

  2. The “no questions” absentee ballot program is a resounding success!

    And we’d be remiss not to observe the reappearance of the surprise box of ballots. “Oh look!”

    Thankfully, Trump is sending the DOJ down there to dig into things. I hope the acting AG realizes this is his job interview.

  3. That’s why they’re called “provisional ballots”. They’re provided in case the GOP wins.

  4. If this were GOP areas pulling ballots out of their ass, there would be riots by now.

  5. Time to put some Democrats in jail and institute a nationwide “blockchain” tracking of ballots so people can see exactly when, where, and how each ballot was filled out, and compare the #s of signatures on the voter rolls to the # of ballots received. Time to put the Daleys out of politics permanently.

  6. There is no such thing as voter fraud. The NYT looked into this nationally and the Strib looked into it locally. It doesn’t happen, ever.

    To say otherwise is racist, sexist and homophobic.

  7. Trump: “There’s a lot of crooked stuff going on.”
    Reporter: “Any evidence?”
    Trump: “I don’t know. You tell me.”

    Apparently they will even throw their own law enforcement community under the bus in an effort to cheat the public of their right to vote.
    “No credible allegation of fraud.” ~ Official statement from Florida Law Enforcement

    In the case of Scott/Nelson, there is no “recount”. It’s a count. Not recount. They’re just trying to count the votes — a concept that Republicans clearly object to.

  8. Blockchain. That’s a damn good idea, BB.

    But block chains wouldnt work with paper instruments that are not provided with some kind of electronic authentication device like an RFID wafer.

  9. Leftists are determined to end private ownership of firearms, citing damage to society.

    But it occurs to me that the most devestating damage comes from the ballot box.

    I think election fraud should become a 20 to life offense. Lefties are duty bound to agree with me on this.

  10. “In the case of Scott/Nelson, there is no “recount”. It’s a count.“

    Right you are 1/4 wit!

    And that count will continue until the reprobate wins, or every car trunk, closet, desk drawer and ass cheek has been emptied of ballots; which ever comes first.

  11. What is happening in Florida is merely demographics. All the dead are bailing out of Chicago graveyards and moving to southern Florida.

  12. After Scott’s eight years in office, during which he could have done something to mend what is a chronic case of election mismanagement in Broward County, but instead chose to concentrate on voter suppression, he is essentially accusing the Dems of being better vote stealers than his Republicans.

  13. Emery, you do know that there are laws in Florida about when, where, and how votes are to be counted, and those do not allow a continued count days after the election, right?

    And regarding fixing things in Broward, it’s worth noting their head of elections was found to be violating state and federal election laws by destroying ballots being investigated, and yet somehow that (liberal) county decided to keep her on the job.

    Hmmmm….no cause for suspicion here, nosirree.

  14. If Scott thinks the voter systems are so vulnerable to fraud, why didn’t he do anything in his 8 years as governor to fix them? I’ll tell you why: Tactical pragmatism.

  15. Um, Emery, first of all, isn’t that primarily the AG’s job, not the Governor’s? Besides, if you read the papers instead of liberal chanting points, you’ll discover that the head of Broward’s elections was indeed under investigation and had been rebuked for violating state and federal laws.

    Sorry that throws a monkey wrench in your talking points, but sometimes, that’s how it goes.

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