This Is Today’s Left

Remember this when Democrats coo condescendingly about how all they want is “common sense reforms”:

Not saying I believe this is the Democrat mainstream, per se.

Just that the notion that the end justifies the means is underneath every single “progressive” policy, from the income tax to the Gulag.

7 thoughts on “This Is Today’s Left

  1. Lol. If the reprobates to *attempted* to execute *one* real American who became an “illegal” gun owner due to some bit of crap they managed to get through the legislature, they’d get a real condensed education on what the 2nd Amendment is really about.

    That being said, I’m sure that slob meant it in the nicest way, since we’re ratcheting down the heated rhetoric and all.

  2. But in all seriousness there needs to be a increase in sentencing for illegal gun owners. Get all the non-violent drug offenders out of prison and put those people in instead.

  3. It would be nice to see a substantial penalty for being person unlawfully in possession, and even more for supplying the gun.

    I get the Minnesota appellate court opinions by email, every week. Person In Possession appeals always litigate whether the cops had sufficient cause to stop the car, whether the gun under the seat was ‘in possession,’ things like that. They never discuss where the prohibited person got the gun.

    In England, years ago, your ordinary decent criminal didn’t carry a gun while committing a minor crime because the add-on penalty was so harsh. Makes me wonder why things changed.

  4. there needs to be a increase in sentencing
    No there needs to be a Significant Increase in the prosecutions of existing gun laws. A felon in possession of a handgun is supposed to bring you a 5 yr minimum sentence, but that charge is the very first thing bargained away by the reptiles that staff most CA/DA/AUSA offices because taking the violent criminals off the street reduces their career prospects.

  5. 1793 and the Place De La Concorde and today; do liberals enamored of the power of the state ever change? Apparently not.

  6. bb
    then as now they were killing people (Girondins) who espoused a republican form of government over a democracy.
    the modern left are definitely intellectual descendants of Rousseau and Marat.

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