Michael Savage Was Wrong

Syndicated talk show host Michael Savage once had a huge hit with the book “Liberalism Is A Mental Illness”.

The implication was inflammatory – as Savage fully intended, being Michael Savage.

But science shows he was incorrect; new evidence shows it may be more a matter of brain damage:

A joint team of American and British scientists have discovered that powerful magnetic pulses to the brain can temporarily change people’s feelings on a variety of subjects…researchers have now found that by targeting the part of the brain that deals with threats, they can temporarily change people’s beliefs and views…

Amongst those who received the strong magnetic dose, 32.8 per cent fewer had decreased beliefs in God, angels and heaven compared to the control group who received no dose.

And 25.8 per cent more of those who had received TMS [Transcranial magnetic stimulation – magnetism applied to parts of the brain] had a more positive response to the immigrant who had written a negative letter about their country.

What this nation needs is commonsense magnetism control.

5 thoughts on “Michael Savage Was Wrong

  1. This is a pretty good example of what Vox Day might call “scientism”. It’s stats and percentages, understandable but not very testable premises and probably very serious people wearing white lab coats. And the effects are temporary – expiration time left open. Sheesh.

  2. We need MRI control!

    Ok, just a LITTLE more seriously, TMI peaks out at 1.5 tesla, while MRI machines usually run 3+ tesla. Maybe it’s just that libs have more injuries/diseases than the normal person 😉

  3. Here is why you will not see a significant increase in convictions for possessing a gun illegally: About 25% of the total US adult black population has a felony, while 6.5% of adult non-blacks have a felony conviction. About 8.6% of the adult population has a felony conviction.
    If Blacks are disproportionately arrested for illegal possession, that’s racist. And If Blacks possess disproportionately fewer guns than non-Blacks, well, that’s racist, too.

  4. Part of me wonders how you can justify a study like this ethically. Thank God nerdbert read the paper to put it in perspective. For more perspective, the iron in your hemoglobin is not ferromagnetic, so the mechanism for change/damage is at the very least not obvious.

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